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Embracing the Mobility Revolution: Daegu’s DIFA Expo Showcases Future of Auto Industry

The 2023 Daegu & Korea International Future Auto & Mobility Expo (DIFA Expo), now a national government-supported exhibition, kicked off on October 19th in Daegu, marking its most significant edition yet. Reflecting the rapid changes in the global automotive trends and a shift towards future mobility, the event has expanded with a 67% increase in exhibition area, 35% increase in participating companies, and 50% increase in booth size.

2023 Daegu & Korea International Future Auto & Mobility Expo Opens with Record-Breaking 1,500 Booths from 230 Companies

Transforming DIFA Expo into a Global Event

This year’s DIFA Expo, jointly hosted by the Republic of Korea’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport and Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy, aims to consolidate Daegu as a Future Mobility Leading City. Initially launched in 2017 as the Daegu International Future Auto Expo, this event has successfully morphed from a local exhibition into a global platform that explores beyond conventional boundaries of the auto industry.

With the increasing demand for electric vehicles, autonomous driving, and urban air mobility (UAM), countries worldwide are mobilizing resources to transition to future mobility. As a result, DIFA Expo’s global relevance has grown, attracting more international attention and participants under its new name, “Daegu & Korea International Future Auto & Mobility Expo”.

2023 Daegu & Korea International Future Auto & Mobility Expo Opens with Record-Breaking 1,500 Booths from 230 Companies

New Features and More Exhibitors

As a central government-sponsored event, this year’s Expo has seen significant expansions, utilizing a total area of 25,029 square meters, with over 500 exhibitors occupying the booths, making it the largest in its history. Reflecting Daegu’s future industry promotion policies, the Expo has also introduced new features like the “UAM Pavilion”, purchasing consultations for SMEs, and a job fair.

Companies like Kia, Tesla, Hyundai, Audi, BMW, and Lexus are participating, offering a variety of subsidiary events, including test drives, drone experiences, and traffic safety experiences, opening up an array of experiences for the general public.

2023 Daegu & Korea International Future Auto & Mobility Expo Opens with Record-Breaking 1,500 Booths from 230 Companies

DIFA Expo: Shaping the Future of Mobility

Since its inception, DIFA Expo has been an all-encompassing platform for the entire mobility industry. This event covers everything from eco-friendly vehicles and electric vehicle parts to autonomous driving and urban air mobility (UAM), presenting technical achievements and showcasing the latest policy directions.

With its upgraded status and growing scale, DIFA Expo is set to become a core platform for promoting Daegu as the Future Mobility Leading City. As the industry steadily advances towards a cleaner and more efficient future, events like DIFA Expo will be crucial in driving innovation, sparking discussions, and fostering collaborations. Join the dialogue and share your thoughts and ideas about the future of mobility.

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