Dahua Uplifts Digital Education with Advanced Interactive Whiteboards

Global leader in video-centric smart IoT solutions, Dahua Technology, has made strides in the global digital education trend by launching two new models of its DeepHub interactive Whiteboards. Each series, specifically designed to enhance and simplify teaching processes, combines both hardware and software capabilities to bring about engaging and effective learning.

Dahua’s New Interactive Whiteboards: A Closer Look

There are two new models added to the DeepHub series available in varying sizes – the Lite Series and the Pro Series. While the Lite Series caters to the budget needs without compromising on the quality, the Pro Series takes things a notch up with an 8-core processing CPU, optional plug-in camera, built-in 8 array mic, and the Type-C with 65W PD charging. Topping it off, both series feature 4K displays for excellent user experience. With its advanced hardware features, Dahua has also unveiled a comprehensive software suite (DeepHub Class, DeepHub Canvas, DeepHub Board, and DeepHub MDM) to augment the teaching methods.

Integrating Technology in Teaching Scenarios

The DeepHub software suite integrates smoothly in various teaching scenarios – lectures, seminars, hybrid, and sharing scenarios. This integration facilitates real-time interaction between students and teachers both physically and remotely. In seminar scenarios, students can seamlessly collaborate without the limitations of distance or location using DeepHub Board. It also supports a whopping 200 students and over 1,000 viewers at the same time. Teachers can also simplify lecture preparation through a wide array of tools including interactive games, cloud storage, customized teaching resources, and many others.

The Future: Dahua and Digital Education

With its expertise in AIoT, Dahua is gearing up to shape the future of education using digital tools. It aims to revolutionize traditional educational systems by collaborating with ecosystem partners for a collective effort. By blending science and technology, Dahua is on a mission to build an all-inclusive solution for digital education.

In conclusion, Dahua’s latest endeavor embarks on an educational journey that leverages cutting-edge technology to promote enhanced learning and teaching activities. In the progressive digitalization of education, initiatives by companies like Dahua play an instrumental role in shaping the future classroom.


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