Unmasking the Economic Pain of Internet Shutdowns: Meet NetLoss

The Internet Society has unveiled a groundbreaking tool called the NetLoss calculator. This revolutionary tool quantifies the economic impact of internet shutdowns across the globe.

Introduction to the NetLoss Calculator

The NetLoss calculator, hosted on the Internet Society’s Pulse Platform, uses a pioneering econometric framework. It provides acute measurable data on the financial harm caused by internet shutdowns. For example, recent shutdowns in Africa resulted in significant financial losses and increased unemployment in affected countries.

Impact of Internet Shutdowns on Economies

Contrary to common government rationale, internet shutdowns do not curb civil unrest or control misinformation. Instead, they cause significant economic disruption. They supress e-commerce, produce losses in time-sensitive transactions, and contribute to joblessness. Additionally, they impede communication between businesses and clients, and pose financial and reputational risks for companies. Furthermore, these shutdowns limit a country’s development since internet adoption has been universally acknowledged to enhance GDP.

Using NetLoss to Combat Shutdowns

The Internet Society’s NetLoss calculator can analyze various potential consequences of an internet shutdown. These include changes in the unemployment rate, the amount of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) lost, and the probability that a country will experience a future shutdown. Thus, advocates and organizations can use this tool to caution governments and regulators about the detrimental effects a shutdown can inflict on their nation’s economy.

In an increasingly digital age, having a quantifiable measure of the economic damage wrought by internet shutdowns is crucial. The Internet Society’s NetLoss calculator offers this measurement, providing concrete evidence against the use of internet shutdowns. The goal is to convince governments worldwide that switching off the internet is never a solution, but a catalyst for economic damage.

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