DFI Launches Game-Changing COM Express Mini Module

Taipei, July 9, 2024 – DFI, a leader in embedded motherboards and industrial computers, has just announced the launch of its latest System-on-Module (SoM), the ASL9A2. Featuring an Intel Atom® X7000RE series processor, this COM Express Mini Type 10 module is poised to transform the landscape of advanced industrial and Internet of Things (IoT) applications with its high performance, energy efficiency, and enhanced reliability.

DFI Unveils New COM Express Mini Module

The ASL9A2 marks a significant milestone in the evolution of embedded computing. Running up to 3.6 GHz and built on Intel’s Gracemont architecture, this module is designed for high-performance, low-power, and ruggedized edge applications. Its introduction responds to the increasing demand for continuous 24/7 operation in a variety of settings, proving DFI’s commitment to innovation and quality.

Innovations in Industrial and IoT Applications

With an impressive growth rate in the SoM market, reported at 9.6% CAGR from 2023 to 2024, the ASL9A2 is at the forefront of technological advancement. It supports essential IoT functionalities, including up to 16GB LPDDR5 dual-channel memory and a robust Intel UHD graphics engine. Its capabilities are further expanded with 4 PCIe x1 slots, a range of I/O options, and support for multiple displays, ensuring versatility in IoT deployments.

Enhancing Performance with Added Features

Further differentiating the ASL9A2, DFI integrates value-added solutions such as the “Slim Bootloader” and “Fast Resume & Low Power Standby” technology. These features emphasize fast responsiveness and low power consumption, addressing the critical needs of defense, industrial applications, and beyond. Such enhancements not only underscore DFI’s innovative spirit but also their dedication to meeting the evolving needs of their customers.

In summary, the ASL9A2 from DFI offers a revolutionary step forward for the embedded computing market, particularly within the realms of industrial and IoT applications. With its high performance, energy efficiency, and range of value-added features, this COM Express Mini Type 10 module is well-positioned to support the dawning era of smart, connected devices. Indeed, DFI continues to define the future of edge computing with its cutting-edge solutions.

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