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In collaboration with Rafael Micro, SINBON has announced it will be hosting a webinar on the latest advancements in Matter Standard for IoT solutions. The company, established in 1989 in Taiwan, has been involved in the research and development of RF and wireless modules technologies since 2012. SINBON aims to assist clients in hardware selection, application development and the implementation of the next-generation Matter smart home standard.

What is the Matter Standard for IoT Solutions?

The Matter Standard for IoT Solutions is the latest IoT communication protocol designed for smart home devices to connect with each other seamlessly. It is an open-source, royalty-free standard that makes it simpler for homeowners to set up and manage smart devices. The standard unifies several other standards, including Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Weave. With the introduction of Matter, the smart home industry aims to provide customers with an interoperable and secure experience.

Collaboration with Rafael Micro for Next-gen Smart Home Solutions

Rafael Micro’s RT58x series SoC and SINBON’s IoT solutions will play a key role in fulfilling the smart home scenario by supporting smart home applications. The SoC offers dual-band and multi-protocol support for both 2.4GHz and Sub GHz, making IoT applications even more accessible. The partnership between the two technology companies will help enterprises carry out hardware selection, application development, and other issues related to the smart home industry.

Join the SINBON Webinar on the Advancements of Matter Standard for IoT

SINBON is inviting anyone interested in learning more about the Matter Standard and its applications for smart homes to join a free webinar. “Matter | Next-gen IoT Device Solutions” will dive into the technicalities of the Matter protocol, its potential applications, and how it works in smart home scenarios. The webinar will include keynote speakers from SINBON and Rafael Micro, case studies, and live Q&A sessions. Those interested can register for the webinar at insert link here. The webinar will take place on March 29th at 10 AM London (GMT +1).

In conclusion, the Matter Standard for IoT Solutions is set to revolutionize the smart home industry, providing customers with a seamless and interoperable experience. SINBON’s collaboration with Rafael Micro aims to provide clients with hardware selection, application development, and the implementation of the next-generation Matter smart home standard. SINBON’s upcoming webinar will provide a great opportunity for anyone interested in learning more about the Matter standard and the latest IoT technologies for smart home solutions.

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