DriveLine Unleashes Power of Fanbases in Target Marketing

In a bid to revolutionize audience targeting strategy, DriveLine, an innovative audience provider, brings to the table custom audience segments targeting the Swifties and BeyHive fanbases. Creating a bridge between advertisers and the world’s influential fanbases, DriveLine leverages the power of these fanbases to drive marketing objectives.

Unveiling DriveLine’s Custom Audience Segments

What sets DriveLine apart is their customization of audience segments. Their new offerings are based on the staggering number of fans who attended the recent U.S. leg of Taylor Swift and BeyoncĂ©’s record-breaking 2023 world tours, whose economic impact was billions of dollars. This innovative move by DriveLine ushers in a new era of target marketing, providing marketers with a unique way of reaching highly influential customer groups.

The Power of Swifties and BeyHive Segments

Scooping up the Swifties and BeyHive fanbases, these segments offer a unique opportunity for marketers. In words of Peter Sayer, CEO of DriveLine, “Our exclusive Swiftie audience segment allows marketers to tap into this passionate fan base and create deeply resonating marketing campaigns,” implying the robust potential of these fanbases. Noteworthy is the surge of passion among “Swifties” during Taylor Swift’s NFL games attendance, further emphasizing the potential of these segments.

Harnessing Audience Intelligence with DriveLine

DriveLine’s precision in crafting custom audience segments goes beyond demographics. Its approach leverages the context of mobile user behavior without the use of personally identifiable information (PII), granting access to hyper-relevant audiences and high-impact audience intelligence. They are in collaboration with LiveRamp, making AMC theatre visitation audience available on The Trade Desk, accessible for connected TV, streaming, and mobile campaigns.

In conclusion, DriveLine’s innovative approach in crafting custom audience segments ushers in an era of enhanced audience targeting strategy. With Swifties and BeyHive fan-based segments and hyper-relevant audience insights at an advertiser’s disposal, making significant strides in marketing objectives has become more achievable than ever.

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