Panasonic vSkipGen: Boosting Auto Development & Green Goals

In a collaboration with Amazon’s AWS, Panasonic Automotive Systems charts a new course with its innovative platform, Panasonic vSkipGen. This hotspot technology offers unique solutions for the automotive industry, promising to accelerate automotive development, amp up software quality, and uphold environmental goals.

Panasonic vSkipGen: Revolutionizing Automotive Development

The Panasonic vSkipGen makes its dramatic debut on the AWS Marketplace, establishing itself as a catalyst for “shift left” in auto development. Optimizing software development decoupled from hardware, vSkipGen triggers an accelerated process, allowing engineers and developers to engage at earlier stages of the lifecycle. Achieving a cloud-native status, its prime feature is virtual simulation of a modern cockpit system.

Dynamic Features of Panasonic’s vSkipGen

Power packed with an array of integral automotive peripherals and sensor simulation, vSkipGen stands out with its industry standard VirtIO-based device virtualization technology. Owing to this groundbreaking innovation, it supports multiple guest operating systems whilst leveraging cloud servers to provide hardware acceleration for multimedia, graphics, audio, and display rendering. Andrew Poliak, CTO of Panasonic Automotive Systems, underscores the vital role played by vSkipGen and AWS to enable a seamless and efficient development environment.

The Impact of vSkipGen on Green Innovations

In alignment with Panasonic’s GREEN IMPACT mission, the Panasonic vSkipGen is a key proponent of software defined vehicles. By eliminating the need for a development or prototype hardware platform, it plays a significant role in resource conservation and component savings, thus underlining the company’s commitment towards environmental sustainability.

In conclusion, the Panasonic vSkipGen is a major leap forward in automotive software development. Its ability to kick-start development without the need for physical hardware saves time, resources, and capacitates superior software quality. Furthermore, its contribution to green practices makes it a valued component in achieving environmental objectives. This revolutionary approach to car development signifies Panasonic’s dynamic capabilities and commitment to sustainability.

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