Edge Computing Gets a Boost: Tata Unveils CloudLyte

In the race to harness the power of edge computing, Tata Communications has made a significant move, unveiling its fully-automated platform, Tata Communications CloudLyte. This dynamic solution strengthens the bond between businesses and their ever-increasing data-driven operations.

Introducing Tata Communications CloudLyte: Automated Edge Computing

A bold contribution to the evolving landscape of digital enterprise, Tata Communications CloudLyte is an all-encompassing edge computing platform. The platform perfectly aligns with the requirements of global firms, with its versatile architecture that is both cloud and infrastructure agnostic. Simultaneously, it also provides in-depth managed services, ready to deploy swiftly while also offering effortless scalability.

Why Tata Communications CloudLyte Matters for Enterprises

Tata Communications CloudLyte promises to redefine the edge computing space by artfully extending cloud capabilities to the edge. Enterprises can now maximize efficiency and drive business growth through CloudLyte’s robust method of managing edge resources. The built-in security features like zero-trust architecture and layered defences not only ensure the security of the operations but also streamline enterprise operations.

Industry Experts on the Impact of Tata Communications CloudLyte

Industry experts have expressed their approval and optimism about the introduction of Tata Communications CloudLyte. Neelakantan Venkataraman, VP and Global Head of Cloud and Edge Business, Tata Communications, emphasized the significant role this platform plays in processing raw data efficiently and fostering swift decision-making. Similarly, Kerem Arsal from Omdia highlighted that Tata Communications CloudLyte has successfully bridged a gaping hole in the edge market with its infrastructure- and cloud-agnostic approach.

In conclusion, Tata Communications CloudLyte has arrived as a comprehensive, automated edge computing platform, offering significant advantages to enterprises. By seamlessly extending cloud capabilities to the edge, it ensures real-time inferencing, swift deployment, and easy scaling. This strong support system is just what global enterprises need to thrive in this data-driven, hyperconnected world.

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