EnGenius Unleashes Groundbreaking Switch Extender Series

EnGenius, a leading global innovator in connectivity solutions, is set to revolutionize network extension with the launch of its Switch Extender series, starting with the innovative EXT1105P. This series is a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking seamless and cost-effective network expansion in various sectors, such as Multi-Family, Senior Living, Student Housing, and Hospitality.

EnGenius Launches Innovative Switch Extender Series

EnGenius is thrilled to announce the launch of the Switch Extender series, with the EXT1105P leading the pack. Engineered to redefine network expansion, the EXT1105P Switch Extender introduces Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology and multiple PSE output ports. This revolutionary technology shifts businesses away from traditional network cabling and power wiring complexities and costs, simplifying network expansion.

Overcoming Industry Challenges with EXT1105P

The EXT1105P tackle substantial industry challenges that come with network expansion, such as:

  • Physical Distance: Its technology simplifies long-distance deployment.
  • Cost Constraints: Minimizes network expansion expenses.
  • Power Availability: Efficiently addresses power constraints with its PoE technology.
  • Deployment Complexity: Via a user-friendly design, cloud management, and simple deployment.
  • VLAN Trunking: Extends network segmentation to every room.

The PoE technology allows for flexibility in installations across remote areas, turning the dream of seamless connectivity into a reality.

Streamlined Management and Financial Benefits of Switch Extender

EnGenius combines the Switch Extender series with a unified EnGenius Cloud solution for streamlined network management. This platform accelerates efficiency, eliminating the need for on-site visits and cutting operational costs. The switch extender series provides significant CAPEx and OPEX benefits by simplifying network infrastructure deployment, reducing both capital and operational expenditures. It also enhances reliability, boasting a potential Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of 224,964 hours.

Summarizing everything, the Switch Extender series from EnGenius brings revolutionary changes to network expansion. The series is integrated with modern technology to tackle industry challenges, offers streamlined management, and guarantees significant financial benefits by reducing expenses. This launch underscores EnGenius’s commitment to providing efficient connectivity solutions in the evolving marketplace. A pivotal move of this nature reaffirms EnGenius’ position as a visionary leader in connectivity solutions.

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