ePlus Unveils Azure Recover: A Game-Changer in DRaaS

In an era where data security and recovery services are increasingly crucial, ePlus Inc. has unveiled its latest offering: Azure Recover. This powerful Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) solution, bolstered by Azure Site Recovery, promises unparalleled protection across all platforms. Let’s dive into how Azure Recover stands out in the DRaaS space.

Introducing ePlus Azure Recover for DRaaS

ePlus has officially launched Azure Recover, a game-changing DRaaS tool powered by Azure Site Recovery. Aimed at ensuring organizations can swiftly bounce back from disasters, Azure Recover extends support across various environments. Whether your workloads live on-premises, in Azure, or other clouds, Azure Recover delivers robust geographic resilience and a streamlined recovery process.

Key Features of Azure Recover Service

Azure Recover isn’t just another DRaaS solution. It’s a comprehensive service designed to bolster data protection through a series of innovative features. Among these are fully-automated monthly testing, support during and after failover events, and continuous recovery validation. ePlus emphasizes the importance of not just recovering data, but ensuring it meets compliance standards, maintains brand integrity, and is readily available even in unexpected circumstances.

Why Choose ePlus for Disaster Recovery?

Choosing ePlus for your disaster recovery needs means more than just accessing a state-of-the-art service. It means partnering with an organization that prioritizes transformative business outcomes through technology. ePlus brings over 30 years of success to the table, offering not just DRaaS, but a broad portfolio of technology solutions. With Azure Recover, customers enjoy the assurance that their critical workloads are protected by a proven disaster recovery model focused on continuous testing and validation. This peace of mind is invaluable in today’s volatile digital landscape.

In conclusion, ePlus’ Azure Recover ushers in a new era of disaster recovery services, with a focus on security, compliance, and uninterrupted business operations. It represents a significant step forward in ensuring that businesses can withstand and quickly recover from disasters, keeping their critical services up and running no matter what. With its comprehensive features and the backing of ePlus’ extensive experience, Azure Recover is poised to be a trusted solution for organizations across the globe.

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