EY Chatbot Enhances Employee Experience

EY and Microsoft have announced a strategic collaboration to develop a new EY Intelligent Payroll Chatbot using the Azure OpenAI technologies as part of the Next Gen Payroll Platform. The chatbot will allow clients to modernize payroll employee care, simplify workflows, and reduce human burden in answering payroll-related queries.

EY and Microsoft announce new collaboration

EY has decided to strengthen its existing alliance with Microsoft to develop a new AI-enabled chatbot for payroll-related queries. This strategic collaboration will combine the expertise of EY in providing payroll solutions with Microsoft’s advanced Azure OpenAI Service to deliver a new payroll platform.

EY Intelligent Payroll Chatbot to enhance employee experience

The EY Intelligent Payroll Chatbot will provide clients with an advanced tool to modernize their payroll operations. The generative AI chatbot is expected to enhance both employee satisfaction and first-contact-resolution key performance indicators by greater than 50%, thanks to an initial result of 93% correct first-time answer ratio based on proof-of-concept findings. It will also improve administrator controls and produce strategic insights to nurture the workforce of tomorrow. The EY Intelligent Payroll Chatbot will work alongside EY Employee Experience Mobile and Web Applications, which provide compliant pay slips, tax documents, and localized insights to employees in over 159 countries, natively in 49 languages.

Next Gen Payroll Platform set to revolutionize global payroll operations

The EY Intelligent Payroll Chatbot will be deployed on the Next Gen Payroll Platform designed to revolutionize payroll operations globally. EY teams have built an LLM and generative AI chatbot POC using ChatGPT In Azure OpenAI Service to understand the “anatomy of an individual’s pay slip” and link regulatory compliance elements with company policies. Traditional call centers, basic chatbots, and employee information portals have shown to be ineffective in answering employee tier-1 questions effectively due to the complexity of the payroll subject matter and volume of data needed to resolve queries.

The Next Gen Payroll Platform aims to resolve these issues and improve the employee experience by providing real-time visibility, controls, and insights with consumer-grade user’s experience.

The EY Intelligent Payroll Chatbot is expected to be a game-changer for EY and Microsoft, combining Microsoft’s leading technology with EY’s regulatory compliance knowledge to provide a cutting-edge payroll service.


The alliance between EY and Microsoft is set to deliver a new AI-enabled payroll chatbot that will enhance employee satisfaction and administrator controls. This new chatbot will be available on the Next Gen Payroll Platform, which aims to revolutionize payroll operations globally.

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