NOLEJ AI Launches Commercial Version for Educators

NOLEJ, an AI-powered authoring tool, has announced the commercial launch of NOLEJ AI, its generative AI for educators. Following a successful Beta test with over 2500 educators, NOLEJ AI will be officially launched in mid-April at ASU GSV Cup, where the company has been selected as a finalist in the largest edtech competition. NOLEJ AI empowers educators to generate interactive microlearning packages 50 times quicker and is powered by GPT-3.5.

NOLEJ AI to Launch Commercial Version for Educators

The commercial version of NOLEJ AI marks a significant step toward empowering educators to create interactive microlearning packages for all types of static content, including video, audio, and text. As an AI-powered authoring tool, NOLEJ AI generates ready-to-use interactive videos, flashcards, and quizzes tailored to individual learning styles. Hundreds of independent studies have shown that interactive micro-learnings improve the completion rate by 85% and the retention rate by 75%, outperforming traditional static formats.

AI-powered Interactive Microlearning Packages for Individual Learning Styles

NOLEJ continues to revolutionize AI-powered education by leveraging expertise in generative learning built on OpenAI’s technologies and advanced AI system. The partnership between NOLEJ and OpenAI aims to develop new tools that enhance the learning experience even further for educators. “We are thrilled to be collaborating with OpenAI to continue our mission of powering the future of learning,” said Bodo Hoenen, CEO US, and co-founder of NOLEJ. With this strategic collaboration, NOLEJ joins companies such as Shutterstock, Duolingo, and Khan Academy among OpenAI collaborators.

NOLEJ Collaborates with OpenAI to Enhance the Future of Education

NOLEJ AI provides a seamless and intuitive interface for educators to create interactive micro-learnings that cater to the unique needs of individual learners. With NOLEJ AI, educators can create and share interactive micro-learnings faster, which ultimately saves time, improves the completion rate, and leads to better retention. OpenAI’s collaboration with NOLEJ further enhances the possibilities for educators, allowing them to leverage cutting-edge AI technologies in their teachings.

In summary, NOLEJ AI is the latest addition to AI-powered education. Its comprehensive interactive microlearning packages, built to cater to individual learning styles, are expected to provide seamless learning experiences for educators and learners alike. The partnership with OpenAI is a step forward to enhance the quality of education in the future.


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