Fibocom Bolsters IoT with Innovative 5G Module Series

Fibocom, a global leader in IoT wireless solutions, made a splash at the MWC Shanghai 2023 with the introduction of its 5G RedCap module series. The tech firm launched the FG131 series while also exhibiting its FG132 series, further fortifying its position in the IoT industry.

Fibocom Unveils New 5G RedCap Module Series

The company unveiled its FG131 5G RedCap module series, adding to its comprehensive suite of wireless communication solutions. The FG131 series is designed to enhance 5G NR light deployment for a variety of use cases such as CPE, ODU, mobile hot-spot, and USB Dongle, among others. Paired with the power-saving and reduced complexity of 5G RedCap technology, Fibocom’s latest offering is tailored to meet the evolving needs of the IoT industry.

Features and Benefits of Fibocom’s 5G RedCap Modules

The newly launched FG131 series stands out for its high-performance, ultra-reliable wireless solution which is sure to be a boon for cost-sensitive and power-enduring application scenarios. With peak rates of up to 226Mbps downlink and 120Mbps uplink, the FG131 series promises an exceptional 5G network experience. Further, its pin-compatible design allows for seamless migration from 4G to 5G RedCap.

Additionally, the FG132 series offers three form factor designs to accelerate worldwide 5G RedCap deployment. Its compact designs are compatible with Fibocom’s LTE Cat 4 modules, enabling easy integration within a variety of terminals such as IP cameras, drones, and wearable XR.

The Role of Fibocom in Accelerating IoT Connectivity

Shawn Zhu, VP of Global Marketing at Fibocom, emphasized the potential of 5G RedCap in supporting IoT applications. He anticipates RedCap gaining prominence across the IoT industry with the launch of the FG131 series. Fibocom continues its mission to empower digital transformation across numerous industries with high-speed, reliable, and power-efficient connectivity options.

Overall, Fibocom’s new offerings in the 5G RedCap module portfolio serve to advance the IoT industry with efficient and reliable cellular coverage. By consistently innovating and delivering quality products, Fibocom sustains its commitment to enriching smart life, driving industrial progress, and accelerating the digital transformation globally.


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