Fibocom’s New 5G FWA Solution: Changing the Game in Connectivity

Global leader in Internet of Things (IoT) wireless communication, Fibocom, has introduced an innovative 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) solution to the market. Aimed at offering flexible configurations and facilitating easier deployment of advanced 5G solutions, Fibocom’s new offering is set to transform 5G network experience.

Fibocom Unveils Revolutionary 5G FWA Solution

Fibocom’s game-changing 5G FWA solution was unveiled at MWC Shanghai 2023. The new technology, based on the cutting-edge 5G modules FG190 and FG180, will redefine Consumer Premise Equipment (CPE) and mobile hotspot usage. It has been designed to significantly reduce deployment complexity and fast-track market entry. Additionally, it features a rich set of interfaces along with flexible dual-band/tri-band Wi-Fi 7 combinations.

Enhanced Performance with Fibocom’s 5G Modules

The pioneering 5G FWA solution comes with an integrated FG190 and FG180 module, offering superior wireless performance. These modules are power-packed with the Snapdragon® X75 and X72 5G Modem-RF System. The FG190 supports NR 10CA with up to 1000MHz bandwidth in the mmWave spectrum and the FG180 supports up to 400MHz bandwidth of NR 4CA under mmwave bands. This ensures a fast and ultra-reliable 5G network experience.

Meeting Industry Needs with Fibocom’s Ingenuity

Fibocom is focused on catering to industry customers by integrating wireless communication modules, IoT solutions, and cloud service. The 5G FWA solution is just a step forward in this direction. With over two decades of expertise in IoT and M2M communication technologies, Fibocom is well-poised to deliver reliable, convenient, secure, and intelligent connectivity solutions across various sectors.

In conclusion, Fibocom’s new 5G FWA solution marks a significant step forward in advancing 5G technology. Its introduction promises to bring about a marked improvement in mobile connectivity. It is clear that Fibocom is making significant strides towards enabling digital transformation across various industries, pushing the boundaries of what is achievable with 5G technology.

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