Fibocom Launches Game-Changer IoT Module at MWC Shanghai 2023

Global IoT solutions leader, Fibocom, is pushing boundaries and reshaping network coverage potential with its latest offering. Unveiled at the MWC Shanghai 2023, the Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) module MA510-GL is taking aim at the burgeoning demand for integrated cellular and satellite communication across various IoT sectors.

Fibocom Launches Resilient IoT Module at MWC Shanghai 2023

Fibocom announced its innovative Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) module MA510-GL at the MWC Shanghai 2023 event. This Qualcomm® 9205S modem empowered module can exploit GEO satellite communication and cellular connectivity, extending network coverage to even the most remote areas on earth. The module aligns with the 3GPP Release 17 standard, and presents a significant leap in IoT communications technology.

Evolving Telecommunications: Integrating Satellite and Cellular Communication

With cellular connectivity covering about 15% of the globe and continually expanding, there is a growing need for a more robust and reliable network coverage. Fibocom addresses this need by blending cellular and satellite communication technologies, thereby improving network reliability on land, water, and the air. This innovative solution encompasses various industry needs, including maritime transportation, emergency communication, and rural scientific research.

Implications and Applications: How Fibocom Empowers IoT Industries Globally

The revolutionary NTN module is designed specifically for the global IoT market. Through its versatile qualities such as compatibility with LTE Cat M/NB2/EGPRS cellular communication and implementation of multiple interfaces, it supports a wide range of IoT applications requiring low power consumption and ultra-small size. Fibocom’s General Manager, Jason Zhu, was enthusiastic about the module’s potential, asserting its utility in extending network coverage to the most unreachable geographical areas.

In conclusion, Fibocom’s introduction of the innovative NTN module MA510-GL is a landmark moment for IoT communication technologies. The company continues to stay ahead of market demands, offering integrated and reliable solutions for global IoT industries. By combining resilient technologies and forward-looking strategies, Fibocom stands to further thrive in the dynamic field of IoT wireless communications.


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