Infosys and ITHF Serve Grand Slam with Digital Tennis Museum

In a pioneering move, global digital services giant Infosys, in collaboration with the International Tennis Hall of Fame (ITHF), has brought the classic tennis experience to the digital realm with the launch of a highly interactive Metaverse museum. This virtual venture lets tennis aficionados delve into the rich ITHF history from any corner of the globe.

Infosys and ITHF Launch Interactive Metaverse Museum

Infosys and the ITHF unveiled their milestone project, a dynamic Metaverse museum, moving the ITHF experience to the digital world for the first time. This innovative and immersive offering brings larger-than-life holographic statues of Hall of Famers, information about their careers, trivia, and more into the Metaverse. Available at, the ITHF Metaverse also has a thrilling virtual reality experience currently in the works.

Inside the ITHF Metaverse: A Unique Fan Experience

In the Metaverse, users not only get enlightened about the tennis legends but also explore the historically significant ITHF grounds. They can browse and learn about different Hall of Famers, answering trivia questions to earn points and claim rewards in the virtual shop. Personalization options, including creating and customizing digital avatars, chatting with friends, and capturing moments, make the visit within the ITHF Metaverse a memorable one.

Integration of Technology Beyond the Metaverse

Alongside the Metaverse museum, the Infosys-powered Hall of Fame Open will leverage high-tech innovations like the Infosys Match Centre which offers fans comprehensive AI-generated insights. The recently launched Carbon Tracker, a collaboration with ATP, allows players to record and offset their carbon footprint, showcasing Infosys’ commitment to sustainability.

In summation, the ITHF Metaverse Museum revolutionizes the way fans interact with tennis history. It augments user experience with advanced technology, breaking the barrier between the physical and digital world. User engagement, digital asset personalization, and AI-fuelled analytics underscore the robust digital foundation which is likely to transform the future of tennis experiences.


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