Fibocom Launches Game-Changing 5G Smart Module SC151 for IoT Wireless Solutions

Fibocom, a global provider of IoT wireless solutions and communication modules, has announced the worldwide launch of its smart module, SC151. The 5G module offers AI-based applications a 5G and Wi-Fi 6E experience with a high-performance processing capability. Based on the Qualcomm QCM4490 Processor, the SC151 module can be used across a broad range of 5G AIoT scenarios globally in various industrial handhelds, point-of-sale, body-worn cameras, push over talk, and others.

Fibocom Announces Global Launch of 5G Smart Module SC151

Fibocom has introduced 5G smart module SC151, optimized to enhance AI-based applications’ performance and essentially support high-performance processing capability. The SC151 module integrates a high-performance graphics engine, enabling the smooth running of applications and multi-channel camera input. The module extends its 5G connectivity by supporting DL 4×4 MIMO, UL 2×2 MIMO, roaming under both 5G SA and NSA network architectures, and backward compatibility with 4G/3G bands.

AI and 5G Technology Converge to Impact the IoT Industry

Fibocom’s SC151 module is the ideal solution for customers to develop and extend next-generation, high-performance applications with AI capability and premium connectivity. The fusion of AI and 5G will impact the IoT industry, with AI computation for effective decision-making in IoT and data analytics in the industrial sector.

SC151 Enables Global AIoT Market with 5G and Wi-Fi 6E Connectivity and AI Capability

The wireless solution is equipped with Android 13 operating system, ready for subsequent OS upgrades in the future, and supports multi-constellation GNSS, GPS, GLONASS, and BeiDou. The infrastructure consists of MIPI/USB/UART/SPI/I2C interfaces, enabling integration flexibility to meet various application demands in the AIoT industry. Fibocom’s SC151 module benefits from Qualcomm QCM4490 processor and its 3GPP release 16 capabilities, enabling carrier support internationally. There are five variants of SC151 module series to support regional frequency bands across EMEA, Americas, APAC regions, among others.

Eden Chen, General Manager of MC Product Line, said, “Fibocom 5G smart module is the ideal wireless solution for customers to develop and extend next-generation high-performance applications with premium 5G and Wi-Fi 6E connectivity and AI capability.”

Dev Singh, Vice President, Business Development and Head of Building, Enterprise, and Industrial Automation, Qualcomm Technologies, said, “Qualcomm Technologies is proud to collaborate with Fibocom to enable them to create such an innovative product for a diverse range of applications, especially as the AIoT landscape continues to evolve.”

The engineering sample of the Fibocom SC151 will be available from Q2 2023, and with its long lifespan, Fibocom is anticipating great success in the global AIoT market.

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