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GCI speeds up Alaskans’ internet with 2.5 gig service

GCI Alaska is bringing faster internet speeds to residents across the state. The telecom company recently announced new consumer plans with internet speeds often faster than those of Internet Service Providers in the Lower 48.

Closing the Digital Divide: GCI Brings 2.5 Gig Speeds Across Alaska

GCI’s residential customers in communities connected to GCI’s fiber-optic backbone can now enjoy 2.5 gig (2,500 Mbps) internet speeds. GCI residential internet plans available in those areas have also seen an increase in speed, benefitting all of the company’s customers. Additionally, the number of unlimited data options for customers with GCI+ has tripled, making it an even more attractive offer.

The investment of more than $4 billion has allowed GCI to bring 2.5 gig internet speeds to communities across Alaska, including even the remote town of Wrangell. Heather Handyside, GCI Chief Communications Officer said, “GCI is bringing 2.5 gig internet speeds to Alaska’s state capital, its largest city, remote Aleutian fishing communities, and all the way north of the Arctic Circle in one fell swoop.”

Affordable Plans: GCI+ Offers Fastest Internet and Unlimited Mobile Service

GCI+ combines Alaska’s fastest internet and unlimited mobile service with plans starting at just $99.99 per month. Upgrades for speed and unlimited usage are available at three additional levels. The telecom company has always been the speed leader in Alaska, and by tripling the number of unlimited data options for customers with GCI+, the company is showing its commitment to affordable and accessible internet for all Alaskans.

Future Plans: GCI Aims for 10 Gig Service and Expands to More Communities

GCI is among the first providers in the nation to commit to bringing 10 gig to its customers. The recent launch of 2.5 gig internet service is GCI’s latest step on its road to 10 gig in the next few years.

The company also plans to launch its service in two more communities, King Cove and Sand Point, by the end of 2023 through its Aleutians Fiber Project. GCI, in partnership with Bethel Native Corporation, also plans to bring the new service to 10 Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta communities as part of the AIRRAQ Network project. Jenifer Nelson, GCI Rural Affairs Director said, “when broadband comes to the region, people are not only going to be able to access everything that it offers and have the world at their fingertips, but they’re also going to be able to bring themselves and their culture and their experiences and their economies to the rest of the world. It’s truly going to be transformative.”

As GCI continues to bring faster internet speeds to residents across Alaska, the company is also showing its dedication to creating a more connected world for everyone.


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