Fibocom’s Game-Changing 5G Module Earns Major US Certifications

Global IoT wireless solutions provider, Fibocom, has announced a significant milestone in its 5G technology. Fibocom’s 5G module FM160-NA has obtained certifications from all three major US carriers, propelling its impact on IoT applications and its strategical prominence in the North American market.

Fibocom’s FM160-NA Module Receives Major US Certifications

The FM160-NA module is a leader in the industry, set to accelerate 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) commercialization in North America. Backed by the Qualcomm Snapdragon® X62 modem chipset, the FM160-NA module is capable of incredibly fast data transmission, operating maximum downlink rates of 3.5Gbps, and uplink rates of 900Mbps under 5G. Plus, it ensures an optimized 5G user experience with extended coverage, boosted throughput, and increased capacity.

The Impact of Fibocom’s 5G Technology on IoT Applications

The FM160-NA module’s high-precision positioning and navigation services make it an ideal solution for various IoT applications. According to Statista, the demand for higher data throughput for both 4G FWA and early-stage 5G FWA providers is ever-increasing. The FM160-NA is excellently suited for bridging this digital divide, offering gigabit connectivity for various end devices like Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), mobile hot spots, and USB dongles.

Fibocom’s Strategy Forward for the North American Market

Fibocom envisions continuing its growth and expansion in providing industry-leading 5G solutions across the diversified mobile broadband markets in North America. With all the necessary certifications for FM160-NA under their belt, Fibocom is confident of closely collaborating with operators to speed up the 5G commercial monetization process.

In conclusion, Fibocom’s FM160-NA achieving major US certifications is a significant breakthrough in both the company’s evolution and the advancement of 5G FWA commercialization. With an optimized user experience and robust quality, Fibocom’s 5G module FM160-NA is moving steadily towards helping diminish the global digital divide and driving forward the Digital Transformation across industries.

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