ROBOOTER Elevates Personal Mobility with Smart, Adaptive Devices

ROBOOTER is doubling down on its commitment to create highly functional, comfortable, and intelligent mobility solutions for seniors and individuals with disabilities. Building on the successful features of their previous models, the company has launched the ROBOOTER E60 and LT20 wheelchair, designed for adaptability, convenience, and active safety.

Redefining Mobility with ROBOOTER E60

The ROBOOTER E60 brings all the convenience and comfort that seniors and individuals with disabilities need. Its two-step folding mechanism and ergonomic backrest enhance the convenience, while 10-inch omni-directional front wheels and shock-absorbing springs support excellent maneuverability. These design upgrades allow for easy turning in tight indoor spaces and enhanced adaptability on complex road surfaces, offering broad indoor and outdoor applications.

Lightweight and Durable: The LT20 Wheelchair

The LT20 wheelchair captures a perfect balance between compactness and strength. Weighing just 12.2kg, this wheelchair can support individuals up to 100kg, catering to modern transportation needs elegantly. The chair can be folded and tucked away in car trunks or carried onto public transports with ease, promoting outstanding portability.

Embracing Intelligence: ROBOOTER’s Future Vision

Throughout the design process, ROBOOTER has prioritized intelligence to enhance user experience, focusing on active safety. Its future plans reveal the ROBOOTER X40, a personal mobility device equipped with cutting-edge technology to enhance environmental detection and response. With missing tracking, directional stability, obstacle deceleration, and cruise control, the X40 promises a step forward in mobility aids.

In conclusion, ROBOOTER continues to push boundaries in the mobility device industry, designing smarter aids to improve the lives of seniors and individuals with disabilities. The new ROBOOTER E60 and LT20 wheelchair are prime examples of their commitment to comfort, adaptability, and active safety. Their vision for the future is clear – to lean into emerging technologies and lead a revolution in assisted travels.

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