floLIVE Secures $47M, Ushering New Era in IoT Connectivity

In a groundbreaking move for the tech and startup industry, connectivity platform floLIVE has successfully secured a substantial $47M in Series C funding. The funding is anticipated to amplify the company’s global presence and introduce innovative and modern solutions to the ever-demanding IoT market.

floLIVE Raises $47M in Series C Funding

London-based floLIVE, heralded as the creator of the world’s first hyperlocal global cellular network, announced it has raised $47M in a Series C funding round. With contributions from co-led Greenfield Partners, existing investor 83North, and participants Qualcomm Ventures, Dell Technologies Capital, Saban Ventures, and Hazelnut Partners, floLIVE plans to consolidate its position in the global connectivity market. The raised capital will be used to increase its global footprint through partnerships and refine its unique multi-IMSI over eSIM technology.

Revolutionizing Global Connectivity with floLIVE

Focusing on the constantly evolving needs of OEMs and global enterprises, floLIVE has embraced a visionary approach towards the global IoT connectivity field. In an era where real-time visibility, cybersecurity protection, and regulatory compliance have become prerequisites, floLIVE’s technology serves as a modern alternative to legacy systems. By cutting the reliance on roaming agreements and offering global IoT providers a robust platform for a profitable business, floLIVE is poised for a significant market shift.

The Impact of floLIVE’s Technology on IoT Market

floLIVE’s unique hyperlocal global network caters to the diversified needs of enterprises, OEMs, IoT Service Providers, and MNOs. By employing advanced, cloud-native software architecture, floLIVE ensures high performance, reduced market entry time, and prolonged battery life for low power wide area (LPWA) and broadband usage cases. Its state-of-the-art technology has been welcomed by stakeholders like Greenfield Partners, substantiating floLIVE’s unique solution to pain points traditionally plaguing the IoT connectivity market.

In conclusion, the substantial funding and future advancements pioneer floLIVE’s march into creating a more robust, globally unified, and sophisticated connectivity platform. As they widen their global reach, it’s inserting another key player into the highly competitive market of IoT connectivity. With such moves, floLIVE is truly living up to its name, flowing live across boundaries and introducing a new age of connectivity.

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