CIMC Group: Pioneers in Digitizing Talent Management

In the recent wave of digital transformations, one company is distinctively standing out. CIMC Group proudly reaches a significant milestone, unveiling a ground-breaking initiative aimed at digitally transforming the human resources domain with their flagship project, the CDHR system. This project weaves together the threads of cloud technology, management software, and data analytics to create a digitally powered Human Resources transformation.

Unveiling CIMC Group’s Pioneering CDHR System

The CDHR System, a pioneering venture of CIMC Group, is jointly developed with Deloitte, a globally renowned management consulting firm, and SAP, the world’s largest management software service provider. At the heart of the CDHR (CIMC Digital Human Resources) system lies the mission to create an industry-leading human resources system. The CDHR System integrates digital transformation, cloud technology, and data operation to actualize management system upgrades, synonymous with CIMC’s quality commitment.

Exploring the Principles and Aims of CDHR System

The CDHR System operates on the core principles of “product thinking” and “user thinking”. Mr. He Jin, General Manager, HR Department at CIMC, introduced its three main platforms — the Management Dashboard, HR Workbench, and Employee Experience Center. These platforms are designed to generate added value to the group managers, HR, and employees while ensuring strategic and business development support.

Strategic Cooperation and Future Expectations of CDHR Project

The CDHR system is not just a project; it symbolizes the synergy of strategic partnerships and collaboration. Representatives from Deloitte and SAP showed an eagerness to integrate resources and continue investment to ensure the project’s success. The digitalization of human resources is seen as vital not only in internal transformation but also as a backbone to building core competitiveness.

In summary, the CIMC Group’s CDHR System is a reflection of the company’s dedication to advancing talent development via digital transformation. By consolidating efforts with key strategic partners, CIMC envisions its Human Resources to shift gears into a new realm of digitization, thereby solidifying its position in the industry.

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