Forrester’s 2024 Tech Awards: Elevating IT Excellence

Forrester is calling for nominations to its 2024 Global Technology Awards. This prestigious event seeks to recognize organizations that synergize technology strategies with their business goals while demonstrating adaptability and maintaining customer trust.

Introduction to Forrester’s 2024 Global Technology Awards

The global technology giant, Forrester, has announced its acceptance of nominations for the highly coveted 2024 Technology Awards. These awards focus on two categories: Technology Strategy Impact and Enterprise Architecture. The targeted organizations are those that have efficiently linked their tech strategies with their business aspirations, displayed adaptability to fluctuating market conditions, and have emphasized building customer trust.

Award Categories and Nomination Criteria

For the Technology Strategy Impact category, the recipient must display a high-performance IT strategy while demonstrating the usage of alignment, trust, and adaptivity to improve business outcomes through effective IT capabilities. On the other hand, the Enterprise Architecture category recognizes organizations that show how outcome-driven enterprise architecture fuels change, growth, and differentiation, while simultaneously managing risk, fostering cost efficiency, enhancing customer experience, and boosting revenue. Nominations are open to organizations with 1000 or more employees leveraging technology to improve business outcomes.

How to Apply for the Forrester 2024 Technology Awards

The application process varies with region. Asia Pacific organizations can apply before July 9, 2024, and winners will be honored at the Sydney-based Technology & Innovation Summit APAC on October 29, 2024. European, Middle Eastern, and African (EMEA) organizations have until June 20, 2024, to apply, and the awards ceremony will take place in London at the Technology & Innovation Summit EMEA from October 9–11, 2024. Lastly, North American organizations’ deadline is May 20, 2024, with the awards ceremony scheduled for September 9–12, 2024 in Austin, Texas at the Technology & Innovation Summit North America.

In summary, Forrester’s 2024 Global Technology Awards aim to celebrate those organizations that have outstandingly blended technology with their core business strategies to improve overall business outcomes. These awards bring into focus the importance of maintaining alignment, trust, and adaptivity in today’s ever-changing tech landscape. Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your organization’s IT capabilities and enter the elite league of Forrester recognized entities.

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