GRAVITY Ushers Era of Unparalleled Personalisation in Banking

Today, amidst a wave of technological innovation, an exciting new platform called GRAVITY is set to revolutionize the banking industry. This groundbreaking platform aims to usher in a new era of hyper-personalisation in banking, promising simplified tech ecosystems and more efficient operations. GRAVITY is the product of Mumbai-based firm, dtbX Innovate India Private Limited, co-founded by ex-bankers Rohit Maroo and Satish Krishnaswamy.

GRAVITY Revolutionizes Banking with Hyper-Personalisation

GRAVITY is a first of its kind platform in the banking industry, designed to bring unprecedented levels of personalization to the sector. The platform is envisaged to make all underlying software applications of a bank inter-operable, simplifying the tech ecosystem and boosting efficiency. An exciting feature of GRAVITY is its central processing platform (CPP), which will handle most of the ALU and COU operations for the bank’s underlying applications.

Industry Experts Tout the Potential of GRAVITY

Notable figures within the industry have expressed early interest in the potential of this innovative banking platform. Pravir Vohra, former President and Group CTO of ICICI bank, sees GRAVITY as a potentially disruptive platform that could help banks modernize their systems without the need for expensive and time-consuming upgrades. Other industry veterans such as V. Vaidyanathan, CIO of Unity Small Finance Bank, and Prabhakar Bobde, MD of SAFL NBFC, also share this optimism, recognizing the platform’s capacity for hyper-personalisation in banking.

How GRAVITY Promises Future-Proof Banking Tech

The key appeal of GRAVITY lies in its ability to future-proof bank’s underlying technology. With the integration of GRAVITY, banks will no longer need to overhaul their underlying software applications. This eliminates the costly and cumbersome replacement process of core applications. This, in essence, ensures that the bank’s underlying tech remains at the forefront of industry advancements.

In conclusion, GRAVITY symbolises the future of banking – one defined by hyper-personalisation and streamlined tech ecosystems. Its disruptive potential has already caught the attention of industry veterans and experts. As we move forward, platforms like GRAVITY will inevitably play a critical role in shaping the future of the banking industry.

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