PhiliaDX Disrupts 3D Production with AI-Powered Solution

Metaverse content development company PhiliaDX has unveiled a ground-breaking immersive 3D content production solution at CONTENT TOKYO 2023. This innovative AI-powered technology is set to revolutionize 3D production, offering high-resolution content creation at a fraction of the traditional time and cost.

PhiliaDX Unveils Revolutionary 3D Content Production Solution

Setting a new pace in the metaverse landscape, PhiliaDX introduced its pioneering 3D content production technology at CONTENT TOKYO 2023. The solution enables the rapid creation of diverse, high-resolution 3D content, utilizing AI-driven technologies and simultaneous four-camera cross-polarized shooting for lighting and color accuracy. This unique methodology allows for comprehensive capturing of objects, transcending the limitations of traditional 3D content production.

Transforming 3D Production with AI-Based System

PhiliaDX’s innovative system digitizes 3D content production by harnessing the capabilities of AI. Traditional 3D productions often necessitate extensive post-filming edits, which can be resource-draining. In contrast, the new AI system from PhiliaDX introduces an automated process, significantly reducing both the time needed for 3D production and associated costs, with savings of over 90% reported in comparison to previous methods.

PhiliaDX’s Strategic Partnership with SUN AD

PhiliaDX also announced a strategic business agreement with SUN AD, a notable Japanese advertising agency. The partnership aims to jointly develop and supply 3D content production solutions. This alliance facilitates the proliferation of PhiliaDX’s 3D content creation solution in various sectors, including architectural design, automotive industry, e-commerce 3D configurators, virtual showrooms, and 3D advertisement production, effectively applying this transformative technology on a wide scale.

In conclusion, PhiliaDX’s debut of its AI-powered 3D content production solution at CONTENT TOKYO 2023 is a ground-breaking move in the metaverse landscape. The introduction of an AI-based production system and a promising partnership with SUN AD underline PhiliaDX’s commitment to revolutionizing the 3D production field. This step forward could herald a significant change in industries reliant on 3D content, and we’ll be eagerly watching PhiliaDX’s future developments.

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