Greenlight Networks Boosts SMBs with Enhanced Internet Services

Greenlight Networks has taken a critical step to support Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) by implementing enhanced internet services. This new development provides SMBs with access to high-speed, reliable internet services and dedicated customer support.

Greenlight Networks Enhances SMB Services

According to Kevin Gorman, Commercial Development Director, the improved service provides SMBs with an affordable, high-performance internet solution. Besides this, Greenlight Networks is striving to create exclusively positive networking experiences with no gimmicks or contracts, which includes a dedicated business concierge team and a scalable network that can reach fast speeds of up to 8 gig.

Detailed Overview of Greenlight’s SMB Offering

Greenlight’s new SMB offerings introduce several benefits to the businesses. These include:

  • Affordable Business Class Pricing: SMBs can get non-residential pricing plans that start as low as $150 per month for 500 Mb.
  • Segmented Network Traffic: The SMB network traffic will be separate, providing reliable mission-critical connectivity.
  • Business Concierge Support: A dedicated team will be available 24/7/365, and the company will also provide dedicated business-class field technicians for network installations and on-site services.
  • Fast Speeds for Data-Intensive Applications: SMBs will have access to enterprise-class speed and symmetrical internet connectivity for smoother applications like cloud-based services, social media, and eCommerce.
  • Seamless Signal Continuity: The professionally designed Total Managed Wi-Fi ensures smooth installations of wi-fi services throughout the location, avoiding the risk of “dead zones.”

Accessing Greenlight’s High-Speed Internet Services

Greenlight Networks’ services are available across multiple regions, operating in over 27 municipalities including Albany, Rochester, Buffalo, Binghamton, and the Hudson Valley region. For more information, businesses can visit the ‘Greenlight Your Business’ section on the official Greenlight Networks website.

In conclusion, Greenlight Networks has taken a massive leap in supporting SMBs by providing enhanced services that include better connectivity options, dedicated customer support, and affordable pricing. With this new offering, the company aims to revolutionize the way Small and Medium Businesses operate by providing them with reliable, high-speed internet services.

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