JIDU ROBOCAR’s Stunning Debut Sets New Standard in AI-powered Mobility

China’s ROBOCAR startup, JIDU, made an exciting debut at the Mobility Live ME 2024 in UAE, showcasing its pioneering AI-powered JIYUE models. This event served as a significant milestone for JIDU’s global expansion, setting a new AI-empowered standard in the automobile industry.

JIDU ROBOCAR’s Exciting Debut at Mobility Live ME 2024

At Mobility Live ME 2024, JIDU introduced its first robocar, the JIYUE 01, to a diverse and international audience. The company garnered immense attention for its cutting-edge autonomous driving and human-computer interaction technologies. The JIYUE 01, known for its striking design and advanced intelligence, emerged as a beacon of Chinese achievements in the intelligent vehicle market. The reveal also underscored the UAE’s growing status as a significant market for such technologies.

Advancement and Features of the AI-Powered JIYUE Models

JIDU’s JIYUE models, integrated with Baidu’s AI large model technology and Geely’s SEA architecture, offer stellar autonomous driving based on visual perception. The JIYUE 01 serves as the first globally to integrate AI large model into its functions. Monthly OTA updates progress the model’s features, with JIDU promising users a new car experience every month. Down the line, all-electric sedan JIYUE 07 seized attention at Auto China 2024 with its original Chinese artistic design and aerodynamic efficiency.

JIDU ROBOCAR’s Vision for the Future of Intelligent Automobiles

As a pioneer in the domain of intelligent vehicles, JIDU is committed to driving the evolution of this industry. The primary appeal of JIDU ROBOCAR is the personal touch of AI integration, transforming user habits through more natural voice interaction. The vehicles not only serve as a mode of transport but also play a significant role in the daily lives of the customers. Internationally and domestically, these robocars are representative of the smart cars 3.0 era.

To conclude, JIDU ROBOCAR’s debut at the Mobility Live ME 2024 undoubtedly brings hopes for a future full of advanced and user-friendly intelligent vehicles. The company’s constant endeavor to integrate AI technology into user-centric car models underlines an exciting phase in the mobility space ahead. The intelligence and design prowess displayed in the JIYUE models make it evident that the future of the automobile industry is here, and it is indeed intelligent and engaging.

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