GWM Accelerates Global NEV Expansion with Impressive Growth

Global intelligent technology company, GWM, is making significant strides in the acceleration of its new energy vehicle (NEV) transformation strategy. With the launch of various product lines across the globe, GWM witnesses a steady growth in sales and increased market presence, as well as considerable investment in new energy R&D.

GWM’s Rapid Growth in NEV Sales

In April alone, GWM recorded 21,814 overseas vehicle sales, a staggering 182.09% YoY growth, which accounts for 23.43% of the total sales volume. Thanks to the rich variety and innovative technology of its NEVs, GWM has managed to secure a top ten spot in the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (NAAMSA) rankings, surpassing both BMW and Mazda.

Expansion in Global Markets

The company’s success extends to the Australian market, with the HAVAL H6 HEV and JOLION HEV introducing local consumers to a new mobility experience powered by intelligent technologies of NEVs. According to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries VFACTS new-car sales report, GWM saw its sales volume increase by 63.8% in April.

Investment in New Energy R&D

To accelerate its NEV strategy and maintain its competitive edge, GWM invested CNY 12.181 billion in R&D last year, a 34.34% YoY increase. By 2025, GWM plans to invest a total of CNY100 billion in new energy and intelligent technologies R&D. With new energy solutions covering pure electric, hydrogen, and hybrid technologies, GWM continues to release advanced technologies such as the Hi4 (Hybrid intelligent 4WD) and off-road super hybrid architecture, Hi4-T.

In conclusion, GWM’s unwavering commitment to new energy transformation and the expansion of its Forest Ecosystem is evident in its growing global presence and continuous investment in R&D. As it steadily moves forward, GWM aims to provide a greener, safer, and more advanced technology-based experience to customers worldwide through its intelligent new energy models.


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