Experience Seamless Hybrid Collaboration with Kandao Meeting Ultra

In the world of remote work, video conferencing is now the default method of communication for many businesses. Kandao Technology Co., Ltd, a prominent name in the industry, has come up with innovative solutions to improve the quality of hybrid meetings. Their latest product, the Kandao Meeting Ultra, is an all-in-one 360-degree AI conference camera designed to elevate remote collaboration.

Kandao Meeting Ultra: An Innovative 360-Degree AI Conference Camera

Kandao Meeting Ultra is a powerful conferencing solution that allows remote teams to meet efficiently and productively. It’s an all-in-one camera that is equipped with an 8-core CPU, 4-core GPU, and 6-Tops NPU, making it perfect for stable transmission, precise human face and voice detection, and low-latency tracking. Kandao Meeting Ultra has a 360-degree view that captures the entire meeting room and displays equal capture of local attendees, removing the need for anyone to squeeze together around single webcams. Speaking participants can now move around the room while always being auto-framed and focused by state-of-the-art audio and video AI algorithms.

Improved Audio and Video Quality with Kandao Meeting Ultra

If you’ve ever struggled with garbled audio or low-resolution video during a conference call, you’ll appreciate the quality of audio and video delivered by Kandao Meeting Ultra. The cameras support High Dynamic Range and noise reduction and output streams at 4K 30FPS HDR video to avoid overexposure when conferencing near windows, while brightening up shady areas. The meeting device also has a built-in noise reduction algorithm, which cancels distracting noises such as keyboard typing, car honking, doors opening and closing, and pen clicking, creating a focused meeting environment.

BYOD and Data Protection Features of Kandao Meeting Ultra and Ultra Standard

In addition to its conferencing capabilities, Kandao Meeting Ultra can operate as a standalone device and works seamlessly with all video conferencing platforms. It also functions as a USB peripheral for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environments. Users can use an HDMI cable to easily share their screen during meetings or share through wireless screen mirroring from iOS devices, Mac OS devices, Android devices, or Windows-system devices. The 360 conference camera also has a one-step video conferencing log out and turn Bluetooth on/off functionality, ensuring maximum data protection and privacy.

In conclusion, the Kandao Meeting Ultra and Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard are game-changing solutions that empower remote teams to work together more efficiently. These 360-degree AI conference cameras have revolutionized the way people connect virtually, delivering unmatched audio and video quality. With its innovative design and advanced features, Kandao Meeting Ultra is undoubtedly one of the best conferencing solutions available in the market.


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