Hepsiburada Empowers Earthquake-hit Regions with Innovative Relief Program

In response to the earthquakes that struck certain regions of Türkiye in February, Hepsiburada, a leading e-commerce technology platform, has stepped up in a big way. The company launched a program aimed at relief and sustainable economic welfare in the stricken areas. The focus? Trade and technology empowerment.

Hepsiburada Launches Earthquake Relief Program

Known as the “Trade and Technology Empowerment for the Earthquake Region” program, Hepsiburada plans to achieve sustainable welfare in 11 affected provinces. The specifics of the programinclude supporting SMEs, merchants, family businesses, and women’s cooperatives. Hepsiburada aims to generate a total sales volume of TRY 10 billion from these regions in the span of two years. Additionally, a push for enhancing employment services and activities will result in increased e-commerce and logistics capacity.

Program Highlights and First Quarter Results

The first quarter results revealed impressive numbers. Nearly 6,000 SMEs and merchants in the region are making use of the opportunities provided by Hepsiburada in technology, trade, logistics, and marketing. A total of 1,000 SMEs and merchants have started e-commerce activities. Active sellers have sold approximately 2.5 million products, generating a trade volume exceeding TRY 850 million. Furthermore, the program has reached more than 3,000 children in the region through social responsibility activities.

About Hepsiburada and Its Vision

Hepsiburada is more than just an e-commerce platform. Connecting over 57 million members with an extensive product range, the company also provides services such as last-mile delivery, fulfilment services, advertising, on-demand grocery delivery, and more. With an aim to lead the digitalization of commerce, Hepsiburada considers itself a reliable, innovative, and purpose-led companion in consumers’ daily lives. Additionally, in 2017, the company launched the “Technology Empowerment for Women Entrepreneurs” program, aiming to develop the role of women in the Turkish economy.

Hepsiburada’s earthquake relief program is a testament to its commitment to social responsibility. Leveraging its technology and wide reach to generate sustainable welfare in the earthquake-stricken regions showcases the company’s ability to respond effectively to crises. While its actions are laudable, it’s also important to acknowledge the wider possibilities such programs can offer for disaster-ridden areas in the future.

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