Panduit Unveils SmartZone UPS: Powering the Future of IT

Championing a new era in power supply and management, Panduit Singapore has unveiled its SmartZoneā„¢ Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). This innovative device offers highly efficient, reliable power, ensuring top-notch protection and backup for your IT equipment.

Introducing SmartZone UPS: Efficient and Reliable Power Solution

Designed to cater to continuously growing power needs of data center, enterprise, and Edge IT equipment, the SmartZone UPS offers exceptional electrical performance, intelligent battery management, and a long lifespan. The UPS complies with ENERGY STARĀ® 2.0, EMC, and safety standards. Options abound with models boasting different power ratings, configurations, and batteries.

Advanced Features and Accessories of SmartZone UPS

SmartZone UPS embodies features like smart monitoring and network functions. It also interfaces seamlessly with Panduit’s SmartZone Cloud Next Generation DCIM solution. This allows for managing, monitoring, and controlling power, security, connectivity, environmental aspects, and IT assets. To protect against potential failures and cut down on costly outages, the system collects, processes, and alerts real-time data. An array of accessories, like external battery packs and intelligent network management cards, is also part of the SmartZone UPS offer.

Panduit: Fostering Connection and Empowering Business Growth

With a rich history dating back to 1955, Panduit is at the forefront of creating innovative electrical and network infrastructure solutions for enterprise-wide environments. By releasing products like SmartZone UPS, Panduit creates meaningful connections between companies’ business goals and their marketplace success. Their reputation for quality and technology leadership, backed by a robust partner ecosystem, is paving the way for sustained and empowered business growth in a connected world.

In summary, the launch of Panduit’s SmartZone UPS marks a significant milestone in the company’s ongoing mission to meet the changing needs of data centers, enterprises, and Edge IT equipment. With advanced monitoring features and a selection of models to suit individual needs, it’s clear that Panduit is pioneering in power supply solutions. Furthermore, their commitment to creating innovative electrical and network infrastructure solutions aligns seamlessly with their vision for empowered business growth, making them a key player in today’s connected world.

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