HONOR Unveils Vision for User-Centric AI Breakthroughs

At the recent MWC Barcelona 2024, HONOR Device Co set the stage ablaze with a thought-provoking dialogue on integrating human needs into the core of AI-driven device development. The session titled “Putting Humans First in AI Development: Key Considerations for Creating AI for Smart Devices” saw industry leaders sharing their insights.

HONOR’s Vision for Human-Centric AI Development

In the pursuit of creating AI devices that prioritize user-experience, HONOR’s CEO, George Zhao highlighted the role of AI in transforming the operation system for future smartphone experiences. With a keen focus on integrating AI across all HONOR devices and MagicOS, HONOR aims to ensure a user-friendly interaction. The launch of MagicOS 8.0 stands testament to HONOR’s expertise in on-device AI and underlines the company’s commitment to crafting AI devices around human needs.

HONOR, Qualcomm, and GSMA’s Collaboration for AI Innovations

Apart from underlining a human-centric AI strategy, the discussion spawned a conversation on the necessity for an open ecosystem. Zhao emphasized on the significance of fostering open collaboration to create transformative on-device AI experiences. This sentiment was echoed by Alex Katouzian, Group GM of MCX, Qualcomm Technologies, who underlined the relevance of cooperation and innovation in shaping the industry. Dovetailing the narrative, John Hoffman, CEO of GSMA Ltd., highlighted how AI is set to revolutionize lives.

Exploring Future Technology: AI and 6G

Demonstrating their forward-thinking, HONOR and GSMA unveiled the “6G Terminal Vision” whitepaper. This groundbreaking document, contributed by China Unicom, China Mobile, China Telecom, Du, Telstra, and Inmarsat, sketches a future shaped by the transformative capabilities of 6G and AI. Simultaneously, Zhao underscores the significance of privacy and security in AI, underlining HONOR’s steadfast adherence to their PFAST principle—Privacy, Fairness and Justice, Accountability, Security and Reliability, Transparency and Controllability.

As we wrap up, it’s clear that HONOR is determined to lead the AI journey in the tech world, focusing on user experience and open collaboration. With their eyes on 6G, the industry eagerly awaits the technological revolutions these developments will bring.

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