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How Printera is Transforming Construction with Innovative Concrete 3D Printing

Founded by Justin D’Angelo, Justin Sheinberg, Alex Cadena, Cody Gatts, and Keith Hill, Printera is transforming the automated construction industry with its cutting-edge solutions. In this article, we explore their journey, challenges, and future plans.

Printera aims to rethink design and automate the construction process. Their unique approach to leveraging concrete 3D printing technology for creating architectural features and whole homes sets them apart in the market.

Printera: Innovating Construction with 3D Printing

  • Startup Name: Printera
  • Founders Names: Justin D’Angelo, Justin Sheinberg, Alex Cadena, Cody Gatts, Keith Hill
  • Industry: Automated construction
  • Funding Stage: Seed via Startengine launching soon, 410k in SAFE investments raised
  • Website

Printera uses concrete 3D printing technology to craft architectural elements and entire homes. Their mission is to rethink design and automate the construction process, making them a unique player in the field. Their vision involves a future where 3D printing transforms construction practices.

Concrete 3D Printing: A New Era

Printera’s products span a variety of architectural features and landscape elements. They use concrete 3D printing technology to create benches, planters, and even entire homes. This approach allows them to produce high-quality finishes, reducing or eliminating the need for additional finishing processes. Their system stands out for its unmatched final quality and innovative design capabilities.

Founder’s Story

Printera was founded by a diverse team of visionaries: Justin D’Angelo, Justin Sheinberg, Alex Cadena, Cody Gatts, and Keith Hill. Each founder brought a unique background and expertise to the table. Their shared passion for innovative construction solutions sparked the idea for Printera. Motivated by the potential to revolutionize the construction industry, they embarked on a journey to develop advanced concrete 3D printing technology. This collective effort aims to address modern construction challenges and redefine design possibilities.

Challenges and Achievements

Printera has faced significant challenges, primarily around customer education. They needed to inform potential customers about the existence and benefits of their 3D printing technology. Additionally, convincing architects and construction managers to incorporate this technology into their designs required persistent effort. Despite these hurdles, they persevered through consistent outreach and demonstrations.

Printera is currently in the seed funding stage with a Startengine launch imminent. They have already raised $410k in SAFE investments. Their achievements are noteworthy, including printing the first 3D-printed home in Florida and participating in the largest 3D-printed building in the world. Other milestones include deploying the first 3D-printed reef in Florida, creating the first 3D-printed concrete structure in NYC, and constructing the first 3D-printed bar in Florida. They were also recognized as Pepperdine Most Fundable semi-finalists in 2024, won the Coolest Products Award at the landscape show in 2023, and placed third in the IGNITE Florida pitch.

Future Plans

Printera has ambitious future plans. They aim to print tiny homes across Florida to address the affordable housing crisis. Additionally, they will continue focusing on creating architectural features for commercial projects. Expanding their innovative technology to new markets and applications remains a key goal. They also plan to increase customer education and outreach efforts to further cement their role in the automated construction industry.

Building the Future with Printera

Printera is at the forefront of the automated construction industry with its innovative concrete 3D printing technology. From crafting architectural features and whole homes to addressing affordable housing, their journey reflects resilience and creativity. With a strong foundation, numerous achievements, and ambitious future plans, Printera aims to revolutionize construction practices.

To learn more about Printera, visit their website and explore their groundbreaking work. Share your thoughts or even your own startup story on our submission page at Startup World.

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