Huawei Amplifies Global Education with Phase II of TeOSS Project

In a significant development, UNESCO and Huawei have launched the second phase of the ‘Technology-Enabled Open Schools for All System’ (TeOSS) project. This phase, which is set to begin in 2024, will impact Brazil, Thailand, and Egypt, aiming to strengthen crisis-resilient, inclusive, and future-proof education systems through technology.

Launch of Phase II Of the Huawei TeOSS Project

The second phase of the TeOSS project is specifically designed to provide digital resources, training, and policy support to educators and learners. The project also aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 4 that is anchored in promoting quality education for all. Stella Giannini, the Assistant Director-General for Education at UNESCO, stated that TeOSS is leveraging technology for redefining learning and knowledge.

Achievements of TeOSS Project’s Phase I

The phase I of Huawei’s TeOSS project (2020-2024), implemented in Egypt, Ethiopia, and Ghana has already shown significant success. TeOSS has been instrumental in assisting the education ministries of these nations in designing, implementing, and evaluating open school systems. Under this initiative, 950,000 K-12 educators in Egypt, students and teachers nationwide in Ghana, and 12,000 students and 250 educators in Ethiopia have reaped benefits.

Future plans for Brazil, Thailand and Egypt with TeOSS

Looking ahead to the future, representatives from Brazil, Thailand, and Egypt discussed the key issues facing education in their respective nations at the UNESCO seminar. They also shed light on how Phase II of the TeOSS project can provide solutions to these challenges. Thailand aims to achieve digital education through increased connectivity, and Brazil is targeting universal connectivity for all public schools by 2026.

In conclusion, it is clear that Huawei’s TeOSS project represents a major step forward in utilizing technology to enhance education and promote equality. With the successful implementation of phase I and anticipation of Phase II, the initiative is set to expand its influence and impact on global education.

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