Huawei Cloud Pangu: Boosting AI Innovation in Telecom

Welcome to the era of amplifying industries and cloud applications with the AI power of Huawei Cloud Pangu models. These models are providing intelligent upgrades to various industries, with promising early applications in the telecom sector.

Revolutionizing Cloud with Huawei’s Pangu Models

The Pangu Models boast a range of telecommunication benefits. Mr. Zhang spotlighted notable achievements such as the Pangu R&D model’s capability to output code from a single prompt, the telecom model quickly diagnosing 90% of network faults, and the virtual human model achieving an impressive 95% lip synchronization for customer service and livestreaming. Upcoming models promise even further innovation.

Solutions by Huawei Cloud for Advanced Telecom Infrastructure

To successfully support telcos in crafting intelligent cloud infrastructure, Huawei Cloud presents some innovative solutions. These include AI-native storage, GaussDB, data-AI convergence, and distributed QingTian architecture. Each of these components contributes greatly to the systematic functioning of cloud, network, edge, and device.

  1. AI Native Storage: An efficient system that handles petabytes of data, ensuring high bandwidth, high concurrency, and low latency.
  2. GaussDB: An enterprise-class distributed database that effectively processes data, maintaining strong security and enhancing efficiency.
  3. Data-AI Convergence Platform: This underpins foundation models with a robust data stock by unifying data from BSS, OSS, and MSS domains into one data lake.
  4. Cloud on Cloud Solution: Tailoring the deployment of Pangu model capabilities and Pangu-powered cloud services to each customer’s specific needs.

Huawei Cloud’s Continued Commitment and Future Endeavors

Huawei focuses on fostering a shared success. In a bid to decentralize innovation, it has made an impressive 150,000 APIs accessible. Huawei’s experience spans across serving over 3 million global customers and having a thriving ecosystem of 10,000 KooGallery offerings. These efforts shape a new era for intelligent digital transformation, maintaining competitiveness by creating B2B services.

In summary, Huawei Cloud Pangu models are revolutionizing industries and cloud services with AI-intelligence. The supporting innovative solutions by Huawei are creating a robust infrastructure for telecoms. Huawei continues to stay committed to shared success, bringing disruptive changes and enabling global customers to seize opportunities. Keep an eye on this space for more updates.

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