HUAWEI eKit: Breathing Life into SMEs’ Digital Needs

Huawei is reaching out to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with its new sub-brand, HUAWEI eKit. Aiming to satisfy the digital needs of diverse businesses, this venture helps Distribution Partners (DPs) enlarge their business footprint and betters their approach to the SME market.

Introducing HUAWEI eKit: The New Sub-Brand For SMEs

As explained by Wei Xianbin, Director of Huawei Enterprise BG Distribution MKT & Product Sales Dept, HUAWEI eKit targets to assist gold and elite DPs, facilitating them in serving lower-level installers and answering the commercial needs of countless SMEs. Spanning 41 countries and regions outside of China, it has helped 125 partners register as gold DPs. The eKit is dedicated to creating distribution products that cover various business scenarios, and these are simple to purchase, sell, install, and maintain.

Expanding Product Range: HUAWEI eKit’s Offerings in 2023

During the first half of 2023, HUAWEI eKit launched 31 offerings. In addition to this, eKit presented 17 new products, including eKitEngine S220 and S310 series, L2 and L3 switches that accommodate full 10GE uplink and Perpetual PoE, eKitEngine AP160 and more. The latter is an 8 mm thin wall plate AP accommodating the unique DVFS technology. By year-end, the brand will hold over 50 distribution products, which can be rearranged into solutions for over 30 typical scenarios.

Future of HUAWEI eKit: Driving the SME Market Further

The plan for the future includes designing more easily navigable, marketable products, establishing a stable channel system, and promoting a well-balanced market. HUAWEI eKit will aid DPs in the development of subcontractors and installers, with the final aim of boosting the state of the SME market significantly.

In summary, HUAWEI eKit carries much promise for SMEs, with a broad spectrum of easy-to-use products and a vision to empower the growth of the SME market. The novelty and expansion of product range show HUAWEI’s strong commitment towards catering to this market segment effectively.

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