StackPath Leverages Google Cloud for Enhanced Edge Computing

In a significant step forward, StackPath has announced its Edge Compute Virtual Machines and Containers can now be ordered via Google Cloud Marketplace. This partnership facilitates customers by counting StackPath product purchases towards their committed Google Cloud spend. The move is poised to revolutionize edge computing and cloud computing.

StackPath and Google Cloud Marketplace Partnership

The collaboration between StackPath and Google Cloud has been described as crucial by both entities. Tom Reyes, StackPath’s Chief Product Officer, declared that this partnership allows customers to utilize the best of both Google Cloud and StackPath. He reiterated that the combination of edge and cloud computing not only resulted in exceptional cost efficiency but also enhanced performance.

Expanding Options for Application Distribution

StackPath proffers cloud computing instances located inside 38 major markets around the globe. This places instances very close to the data sources and destinations that businesses need to process, providing more options for application distribution. The announcement demonstrates StackPath’s pursuit to provide speed, security, and efficiency to companies adjusting their digital transformation strategies.

Benefits of the StackPath Edge Compute Features

StackPath Edge Compute presents an array of features and benefits. These include deploying VMs with the latest certified Linux distributions installed and configured, capturing and storing images of existing VMs for convenience and efficiency, and deploying Open Container Initiative-compliant container images built using industry-standard tools. Customers can have access to instances provisioned in any StackPath edge location within seconds.

To conclude, the merger of StackPath Edge Compute’s capacities with Google Cloud Marketplace sets an exciting stage. Customers stand to benefit significantly from cost efficiencies, enhanced performance, and more options for application distribution. The move underscores StackPath and Google Cloud’s commitment to serving their customer needs in this ever-evolving digital landscape.

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