Huawei Harnesses ICT Power to Unlock Digital Future

In an era where digitalization is revolutionizing all sectors, companies like Huawei are playing a significant role. At the recent HUAWEI CONNECT event, Huawei leadership outlined the company’s commitment to driving digital transformation and facilitating the integration of ICT products into various industries.

Huawei’s Role in Facilitating Digital Transformation

According to Mr. Yang Chaobin, a board member and President of ICT Products and Solutions at Huawei, the impact of digital economy is profound. He shared that digital transformation has now become a primary engine of economic growth and is expected to constitute more than 54 percent of developed states’ GDP by 2026. Moreover, Huawei is poised to lead the way into the 5.5G era addressing the digitalization needs of various industries over the next decade.

Introducing Huawei’s Innovative ICT Products

Demonstrations of Huawei’s groundbreaking ICT products and solutions that power industry digitalization were held at the event. Some notable mentions were its leading intelligent 10GE IP+POL campus solution, HUAWEI eKit, and future-oriented Data Centers (DCs). Capable of facilitating data centers, WANs, campuses, and SMEs, these innovations by Huawei are designed for performance with 10-gigabit speeds and microsecond level latency.

Huawei and the Future of Digital Europe

During the event, Huawei also expressed its commitment towards reinforcing digital transformation in Europe. With Huawei Cloud catering to cloud native, databases, and AI needs via Everything as a Service strategy, Europe is poised to witness an acceleration in intelligent transformation. Additionally, Huawei Cloud, while presenting trustworthy, reliable and stable cloud services is also dedicated to fostering the local ecosystem by supporting startups and assisting businesses in entering European and Chinese markets.

In conclusion, Huawei’s focus on ICT innovation, key advancements in cloud technologies and a collaborative approach towards industry digitalization have set it apart as a trailblazer in driving digital transformation. As it continues to stride towards a digital future, Huawei echoes its belief that green and digital transition are two pivotal trends that will push sustainable development of industries worldwide.

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