Huawei Ignites Digital Unleash with FPGGP Acceleration Program

With the global surge in digital finance, Huawei is leading the charge, having unveiled the Financial Partner Go Global Program (FPGGP) Acceleration Program. This cutting-edge development is set to foster partnerships, encourage innovation, and propel digital transformation within the global finance sector.

Huawei Launches New Financial Acceleration Program

Held during the 2024 HiFS Frontier Forum, the launch of the FPGGP Acceleration Program marks a significant move in Huawei’s strategic efforts to support digital transformation within the financial industry. The program aims to cultivate stronger partnerships with industry leaders, innovate within essential digital transformation scenarios, and create rewarding collaborations for all parties involved. Jason Cao, Vice President of Huawei and CEO of Huawei Digital Finance BU, emphasizes the global ecosystem Huawei aims to establish in the digital finance industry.

The Goals and Achievements of FPGGP

Since its introduction in 2021, FPGGP has collaborated with 11 partners to successfully actualize solutions and perform digital transformations for over 20 financial customers worldwide. Fast forward to now and the program boasts 24 partner participants, including six new council members like Sunline, Tongdun Technology, and Netis. Huawei’s FPGGP Acceleration Program sets to provide comprehensive support to its customers, incubate more scenario-based solutions catering to digital and intelligent transformations, and foster stronger connections and collaborations between ecosystem partners.

Huawei’s Expanding Reach in the Financial Industry

As of May 2024, Huawei has served over 3600 financial customers across more than 60 countries, including 53 of the world’s top 100 banks. Roger Wang, Vice President of Huawei Digital Finance BU and President of Global Partnerships, advocates for the continued commitment of Huawei to collaborating with top-notch global financial partners for shared success.

In conclusion, Huawei’s FPGGP Acceleration Program is making leaps and bounds in promoting digital and intelligent transformations within the ever-evolving financial industry. By encouraging collaboration among experts, showcasing innovative, customer-focused solutions, and establishing a far-reaching presence in the financial sector, Huawei continues to set a high bar in the digital finance ecosystem.

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