Huawei Ushers New Era in Digital Finance Innovation

Attendees at the HiFS Frontier Forum 2024 included international institutional and global partners who convened to discuss the resilience and innovation in financial services. The key player at the forefront of these groundbreaking developments is none other than the tech powerhouse, Huawei.

Huawei’s Commitment to Digital Infrastructure Innovation

Vice President of ICT Marketing and Solution Sales at Huawei, David Shi, shared that Huawei is dedicated to being the standout partner for the finance sector. Their future plans revolve around delving deeper into this sector and constructing robust infrastructures to act as the foundations for digital and intelligent transformation. Huawei promises to ignite financial service innovation by generously offering cutting-edge products and superior professional services.

Revolutionizing Finance with ‘4 Zeros’ Solution and AI

Another major innovation is Huawei’s “4 Zeros” solution, elaborated by King Tsui, CTO of the Digital Finance Business Unit. Huawei hopes to establish finance resilience through a comprehensive project incorporating planning, construction, operation, and continuous optimization. Moreover, Huawei is harnessing the power of AI to shift the landscape of financial services. Their newly launched Xinghe Intelligent Financial Network Solution, as described by Steven Zhao, Vice President at Huawei, will ensure increased resilience, enhanced user experience, and top-notch security, ushering in an era of smarter finance.

New Digital Intelligence Financial Services: A Game Changer

Huawei is also honing in on the challenges faced by its financial customers in the age of AI. Michael Fan, Vice President at Huawei, mentioned their newly introduced high-performance storage solutions set to create a fortified AI data lake. This will improve the efficiency and resilience of financial services. Their newly released digital intelligence financial services solution aims to cover the whole lifecycle of planning, construction, operation, and optimization in the finance sector, which only further solidifies Huawei’s strong commitment to this industry.

In summation, Huawei’s major leap forward in the finance sector encapsulates their commitment to resilience and innovation. The introductions of the “4 Zeros” solution, AI-powered financial services solutions, and high-performance storage enhancements all point to a future where finance and tech intersect seamlessly. Huawei’s footprint in over 60 countries and regions, serving over 3,600 financial customers, is a clear testimonial to their pioneering efforts in digital finance transformation.

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