Huawei Ignites Tech World with Groundbreaking AI Services

Huawei is leading the tech world into a new era with the announcement of two innovative offerings – Huawei Cloud Pangu Models 3.0 and Ascend AI cloud services. These developments are all set to revolutionize businesses with the power of AI.

Huawei Cloud Unveils Pangu Models 3.0 and Ascend AI Services

The highlight of the announcement made by Zhang Ping’an, CEO of Huawei Cloud, is the launch of Pangu Models 3.0 and Ascend AI cloud services. It’s aiming to build core competitiveness and aid partners, customers, and developers to leverage AI for value creation across industries. The Ascend AI services come with a promise of reliable and accessible AI computing power making large models more user-friendly for industry customers. “Pangu models will empower everyone from every industry with an intelligent assistant,” said Mr. Zhang.

Empowering Developers with HDC.Cloud 2023 Asia-Pacific Sub Venue

The launch coincides with the HDC.Cloud 2023 Asia-Pacific Sub Venue held in Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia. The sessions provided a practical in-depth look into the newest in AI, databases, big data, and cloud-native. It allowed developers to interact directly with Huawei professionals and gain firsthand knowledge about the frontier technologies. The discussions focused on different themes in each venue, exemplifying the versatility of Huawei Cloud services.

Huawei Developer Competition 2023: A Platform for ICT Innovators

The Huawei Developer Competition 2023 APAC was launched under the theme ‘Spark Infinity’. It provides an opportunity for developers to utilize Huawei’s technology to create solutions for real-world problems. Through open APIs and cloud services, developers can conveniently build, deploy, and manage applications on the cloud. The competition is now open for registration and presents an exciting platform for ICT innovators worldwide.

In conclusion, Huawei’s unveiling of the Cloud Pangu Models 3.0 and Ascend AI services takes a significant step towards using AI to reshape industries. Coupled with their commendable efforts in developing an inclusive environment for developers through the HDC.Cloud 2023 event and Huawei Developer Competition 2023, Huawei is giving developers the tools they need to craft the future of technology.

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