Inbenta Elevates AI-Customer Experience with Horizn Acquisition

In a strategic move to enhance their AI-driven customer experience, Inbenta has announced its acquisition of Horizn, a company that specializes in interactive product demos. This acquisition paves the way for improved customer service and a more comprehensive customer experience.

Inbenta Acquires Horizn to Optimize Customer Experience

With the addition of Horizn’s embed interactive product demos to Inbenta’s toolkit, companies now have the power to swiftly create, edit, and rollout step-by-step tutorials. These tutorials aim to augment the self-service facet of customer service, reducing the need for agent escalations. The fusion of these two platforms will offer a more engaged and visually rich experience to customers seeking assistance.

The Impact of Horizn’s Integration on Inbenta’s AI Platform

Horizn’s integration marks a significant milestone for Inbenta’s AI platform. It expands the customer experience-enhancing features of Inbenta’s portfolio, which currently includes chatbot, search, messenger and, knowledge management services. Inbenta’s agenda accentuates a platform approach that aims to amalgamate AI and digital customer experience tools. This can help bridge gaps in customer interactions and furnish companies with thoughtful automation that continuously monitors customer experience.

Inbenta’s Growth Journey and Future Plans

Inbenta’s acquisition of Horizn is progression along its path of innovation and expansion. Following its receipt of $40M of funding in January 2023 led by Tritium Partners, the company is all set to accelerate product innovation, market expansion, and additional M&A activity. With a broader Generative AI integration announced earlier this month, Inbenta continues to leverage its resources to drive impactful changes in the industry.

In conclusion, through the acquisition of Horizn, Inbenta shows its commitment to enhancing customer experience. This strategic move not only strengthens its position in the field of AI and customer service tools but will also allow them to offer a more comprehensive, visually rich, and engaging customer service experience. Stakeholders are eager to witness the positive changes this union will bring to Inbenta’s platform and customers.

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