Infosys and ServiceNow Launch Platform to Enhance CX for Telecoms

Infosys has announced its collaboration with ServiceNow to launch Infosys Live Operations, a new platform designed to enhance customer experiences for telecom providers.

Infosys and ServiceNow Collaborate to Launch Infosys Live Operations

The new Infosys Live Operations platform was built using ServiceNow technology to integrate with both legacy and digital environments, simplifying business operations through application rationalization and technology stack optimization. The platform aims to deliver significant improvements in operational efficiency, quality of service and experience, and a reduction in operational costs for telecom service providers.

Infosys Live Operations to Enhance Customer Experiences for Telecom Providers

Infosys Live Operations is part of Infosys Cobalt, designed to accelerate enterprises’ cloud journey by utilizing a set of services, solutions, and platforms. The Infosys Live Operations platform’s primary objective is to enhance telecom providers’ customer experiences by simplifying business operations and improving the quality of customer service.  It is focused on delivering up to 95% improvement in operational efficiency, a 10-20% increase in quality of service and experience, and a 40% reduction in operational costs.

Infosys Cobalt’s New Platform Delivers Operational Efficiency and Cost Reductions for Telecom Providers

The Infosys Live Operations platform is designed to tackle unique challenges faced by telecom service providers such as the commoditization of connectivity. The platform aims to offer a differentiated edge to telecom service providers by improving the quality of customer service and simplifying business service operations. This collaboration is expected to work toward creating a hyper-connected economy and providing world-class telecom solutions through an accelerated approach to digital transformation.  

The ongoing collaboration between Infosys and ServiceNow has ensured that the Infosys Live Operations platform leverages the latest technologies to enable telecom service providers to navigate today’s rapidly changing environment. According to Rohit Batra, a Vice President and Head of Telecommunications, Media, and Technology Products at ServiceNow, the platform enables telecom service providers to have a 360-degree view of customer preference data and insights, which can help increase customer experience and retention.

The Infosys Live Operations platform will empower telecom service providers with agile digital technology and help them succeed in today’s business environment. The platform’s launch will further solidify Infosys’ position as a trusted partner and a leader in the technology, telecom, and startup industries while enabling the telecom industry to offer quality customer services efficiently and cost-effectively.


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