Infosys and Brent Council Bring Free Digital Education to SMEs

Infosys, a global leader in digital services and consulting, has announced an extended collaboration with Brent Council. The partnership will provide Brent’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with training through Infosys’ flagship digital learning platform, Springboard.

Infosys extends partnership to empower Brent SMEs

Under the partnership, Infosys will roll out its Springboard platform for free to share its expertise on a range of digital skills including online marketing and communications. To date, over 48,000 people, including individual residents, schools, and business owners, have signed up through Brent Council’s digital inclusion initiative. The platform is designed to promote digital literacy across the board and support vulnerable communities without access to digital resources.

Springboard’s Impact on Brent’s Digital Literacy and Inclusion Rates

Infosys first launched Springboard in Brent in 2021, providing vital digital education to residents of all ages. The initiative aims to empower SMEs with digital training, offering them new opportunities to innovate and unlock digital services. The program has also made a positive impact on digital literacy and inclusion rates in underprivileged local areas. The next phase of its rollout will provide local SMEs with continued access to mentorship and training, supporting the building of a robust workforce and driving local economic growth.

Training local businesses on Infosys Springboard to drive local economic growth

Speaking on the partnership, Councillor Muhammed Butt, Leader of Brent Council, said, “This platform will help ensure Brent businesses not only have the skills they need to survive but thrive, in the digital age.” Thirumala Arohi, Senior Vice President, and Head – Education, Training and Assessment, Infosys, added, “I am certainly looking forward to seeing what local businesses in Brent can go on to achieve as a result…taking learners from beginner through to expert.”

The partnership between Infosys and Brent Council to provide training to local SMEs is a welcome initiative aimed at promoting digital learning, empowers businesses to realize their digital potential, and enhance economic growth in the local area. SMEs who engage with the platform will have access to new opportunities to innovate their services and become digitally enabled, driving long-term economic benefits for the people of Brent.


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