Infosys BPM Boosts Jobs with New Puerto Rico Office

In a significant move that promises to bolster local employment and economy, Infosys BPM, the business process management arm of Infosys, has proudly unveiled its second facility in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. This new establishment at the Montana Industrial Park represents a strategic expansion supported by a US$200,000 investment and the Puerto Rico Economic Incentive Fund. This opening is not just a win for Infosys BPM but a beacon of growth and opportunities for the local workforce and industries.

Infosys BPM Launches Second Aguadilla Office

The inauguration of Infosys BPM’s second office marks a significant milestone in the company’s presence in Aguadilla. With an initial investment of US$200,000, the new facility stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to expanding its service capabilities. The expansion will not only enhance Infosys BPM’s capacity to serve a broader clientele across sectors such as aerospace, healthcare, insurance, financial services, and telecommunications but also solidify its foundation for future growth in the region.

New Jobs and Economic Growth for Puerto Rico

The expansion of Infosys BPM in Aguadilla is a boon for the local economy, promising to create 325 new jobs that will add to the current workforce of 300. This initiative directly responds to the needs of local talents skilled in knowledge-based data processing and customer service. The creation of these new positions is a pivotal step in fueling the economic growth of the northwest region of the island, providing substantial employment opportunities and harnessing the potential of the local workforce.

Infosys BPM’s Continued Commitment to Innovation

Infosx BPM reaffirms its dedication to driving innovation and operational efficiencies across the globe. Anantha Radhakrishnan, CEO & Managing Director of Infosys BPM, emphasized the company’s laser focus on delivering exceptional value through great processes and compelling experiences. This new facility is a clear indicator of Infosys BPM’s strategic intentions to accelerate innovation for its clients worldwide, supported by the vibrant talent pool of Puerto Rico, and propelled by the invaluable support from local policymakers.

The launch of Infosys BPM’s second office in Aguadilla is a striking example of how strategic investments can drive local employment and contribute to the economy while fostering an environment of innovation and excellence. This expansion not only strengthens Puerto Rico’s position in the global market but also underscores Infosys BPM’s role as a key player in the international business process management landscape. As the company continues to grow, its impact on local communities and industries around the world is a testament to a successful symbiosis between global corporations and local ecosystems.

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