IronYun Revolutionary Vaidio 7.0 Launches: Elevating AI Video Analytics Solutions

IronYun Inc., a leader in AI vision for security, safety, and operational applications, released the new Vaidio® AI Vision Platform 7.0. The award-winning software includes Object Counting, Federated Object Search, and significant updates to existing features, like Scene Change and Fall Detection. Furthermore, it is an open platform that enables advanced AI-enabled video analytics over existing IP cameras and video infrastructures.

IronYun Announces Release of Vaidio 7.0

The Vaidio AI Vision Platform is one of the most advanced video analytics solutions on the market. IronYun’s Vaidio platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve the video-analytics capabilities of existing IP cameras and video infrastructures. IronYun’s focus on fast-paced development cycles ensures that clients in any sector receive innovative and up-to-date features to address their dynamic video analytics needs.

New Features and Enhancements on Vaidio Vision Platform

The Vaidio 7.0 release includes several new features that enhance the platform’s use cases. Firstly, the Federated Object Search is a new capability in Vaidio 7.0 that centralizes management of nodes, real-time alerts, and data at scale, across dozens of Vaidio nodes and tens of thousands of cameras. Vaidio 7.0 also includes enhancements to Object Search and Detection to detect, alert, and search on people With or Without a specified object, making it useful in manufacturing, public safety, and health-related applications. Additionally, Vaidio 7.0 offers detailed object selection and tracking, object counting, and count-based alert capabilities. Fall Detection has also undergone significant upgrades to improve accuracy. Lastly, enhancements in feature Scene Change monitors specific scenes over time and dynamically updates its understanding of the baseline or normal state throughout the day. It will alert on any change or anomaly—without requiring pre-training, and exclude items or events that do not necessitate a response.

Vaidio 7.0: The Most Advanced AI Video Analytics Solution

The Vaidio platform, field-proven to maximize accuracy, performance, and cost-effectiveness across an extensive array of analytics functions, is now deployed across tens of thousands of cameras worldwide for government, healthcare, education, retail, transit, and enterprise customers. It has won ISC West New Product Showcase Awards for Mobile Applications, Commercial Monitoring, and Video Analytics. Vaidio’s automation tools, metadata grouping, cluster analysis, trend spotting, and report distribution help extract valuable information from records for enterprise-class reporting and business intelligence.

Iron Yun’s new Vaidio 7.0 release brings significant improvements to the Vaidio AI Vision Platform, making it the most advanced video analytics solution worldwide. Its new features, including Federated Object Search, Object Counting, and enhancements to existing capabilities, drive intelligence and security further than before. The software will meet the needs of customers globally, from governments to enterprises to retail.

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