Leading Cybersecurity Firms Collaborate to Combat Cyber-Physical Threats

Dataminr, one of the world’s leading AI businesses, has announced the launch of the Cyber-Physical A2I Partner Coalition. The partnership brings together leading cybersecurity organizations to address the growing challenges that corporations face at the intersection of cyber and physical security.

Dataminr Launches Cyber-Physical A2I Partner Coalition

The Cyber-Physical A2I Partner Coalition brings together leading cyber technology companies including Claroty, Mandiant, NightDragon, Optiv, and ServiceNow. The coalition shares a commitment to developing and sharing best practices that enable companies to leverage advances in artificial intelligence to accelerate their readiness to face converged cyber-physical threats.

Growing Challenges Corporations Face with Cyber-Physical Threats

Enterprises are now challenged with an increasing threat landscape that has blurred the lines between cyber and physical risk. Cyber-physical convergence is an existential threat that is only accelerating. Events in the cyber world are now traversing to the physical world at an alarming rate, which can lead to serious ramifications. With the new coalition, CISOs and CSOs can most effectively plan for, discover, and respond to converged cyber-physical threats in real-time.

AI-Enabled Solutions to Navigate Cyber-Physical Risk Landscape

The Cyber-Physical A2I Partner Coalition will speed up time and increase accuracy for response to cyber-physical threats by equipping security leaders with AI capabilities to navigate the risk landscape. The coalition will develop new joint solutions and product integrations to enable CISOs and CSOs to maintain a common operating picture on the physical, cyber, and digital domains and respond faster and more effectively to threats.

Summarizing the importance of the new coalition, Ted Bailey, Founder and CEO of Dataminr, said: “This new coalition of leading cyber technology companies enables corporations to respond to incidents faster and bolster enterprise resilience.”

With Dataminr Pulse for Cyber Risk, the company is now delivering real-time actionable intelligence that encompasses cyber-physical convergence, vulnerability prioritization, external attack intelligence, and digital risk. Dataminr Pulse provides a first-of-its-kind cross-domain platform that enables CISOs and CSOs to take action sooner and more efficiently.


The launch of the Cyber-Physical A2I Partner Coalition brings together some of the leading cybersecurity organizations, providing AI-enabled solutions to navigate converged cyber-physical threats. The coalition will develop new joint solutions and product integrations to accelerate readiness to face cyber-physical threats, ensuring corporate security and resilience.

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