Locus Robotics Unveils LocusONE: A Warehouse Orchestration Platform for Multi-Bot Automation

Locus Robotics has announced the release of LocusONE, an automated platform that enables warehouse operators to manage the movement of multiple autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) as a single fleet. LocusONE boasts an adaptable approach and uses data analysis to manage AMR form factors and material payloads of up to 3,000 pounds.

The Future is Autonomous

The new LocusONE platform targets the needs of today’s warehouse and fulfiment industry by offering flexible fleet management tailored to each warehouse’s specific requirements. The platform supports up to 1,000 robots and is useable in environments up to millions of square feet, with the technology unlocking an almost limitless set of use cases through the device of the AMR.

Locus Robotics’ commitment to innovation has seen the company operate at the forefront of robot-assisted fulfilment over the past few years. Now, the LocusONE platform has taken the next step and become the industry’s leading platform for automation and digitization of warehouses. By deploying a vast fleet of robots as a single coordinated unit, warehouse managers have the flexibility to deal with anything thrown their way, from labor shortages to soaring order volumes.

Customizable Robotics Solutions

LocusONE is engineered to integrate with any Warehouse Management System (WMS) and provide flexible and dynamic fleet management services. Its powerful data-science-driven algorithm allows the platform to optimize tasks throughout the day, promoting operational efficiency and improving key performance indicators. LocusONE’s multi-form factor interoperability makes it particularly vital for contemporary fulfillment warehouses. Businesses need adaptability over more rigid solutions, and LocusONE is optimally placed to meet those demands.

The AMR vendor’s solution aligns with a recent survey that highlighted how customers see the value in buying an integrated system, which takes care of hardware, software, support, and maintenance under a single roof. With LocusONE, the company utilizes an all-inclusive Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS) approach that accommodates any ingestion service a client might need.

Bringing Sustainability to Warehouse Automation

A unique element of the LocusONE solution is the company’s Recycle, Refurbish, and Repurpose initiative. It represents the first AMR industry attempt to drive sustainability across all aspects of the business, from production to deployment to support and maintenance.

Locus Robotics will be showcasing LocusONE at Promat Booth #S2303, where the company emphasizes its core competencies, including vision, intelligence, and results. Visitors are invited to attend the Locus Theatre to learn from informative industry speakers, see live picking and putaway demos, engage with customers and partners, and participate in a ProMat 2023 scavenger hunt.

The LocusONE pilot platform might be the answer to warehouse operating woes. The flexibility and robotic orchestration that the technology provides could revolutionize the sector, making it quicker, more efficient, and smarter than ever.

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