Nuance and Microsoft Join Forces to Launch DAX Express

Nuance Communications, now a Microsoft company, has introduced Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX) Express, an application that combines AI, OpenAI’s latest GPT-4 model, and conversation to deliver a seamless and full clinical documentation experience. DAX Express provides clinical notes that are automatically and securely created through using conversational, ambient, and generative AI. DAX Express takes the next significant step in reducing administrative paperwork for healthcare providers so that they can concentrate more on patient care.

DAX Express: An Innovation that Puts Patients First

Healthcare providers will benefit from DAX Express’ unique combination of conversational, ambient, and generative AI that creates clinical documentation drafts that can be securely reviewed in seconds after each patient visit. DAX Express will be available for private preview this summer and is the first of its generation, resulting in an immediately accessible AI technology that can revolutionize healthcare organizations’ clinical documentation workflows.

Nuance Communications—Innovating Conversation and Ambient AI in Healthcare

Nuance Communications is a leading conversational and ambient AI innovator in healthcare, recognized for its Dragon Medical One and recently for its DAX products. Nuance’s innovations in large language models and natural language processing have enabled the company to provide refined and trusted AI solutions globally that improve healthcare provider workflows and reduce burnout-causing cognitive burdens. Nuance’s Dragon Medical One, DAX, and DAX Express, which are integrated into electronic medical records, have shown consistent value, allowing clinicians to concentrate on providing exceptional care experiences and outcomes.

DAX Express: A Solution Amplified by Microsoft Azure

DAX Express is integrated with Microsoft Azure, increasing the impact of the innovative, industry-defining AI solutions that improve healthcare experiences and outcomes. DAX Express is just the beginning – Nuance Communications’ portfolio provides clinicians with flexible options for enhancing clinical documentation workflows with the accuracy and reliability of Dragon Medical One, the DAX customized, and full-service experience and the immediacy and speed of DAX Express.

DAX Express is the first of its generation, leveraging AI’s power to ease cognitive burdens and reduce burnout among healthcare providers. We believe that DAX Express will transform healthcare organizations’ clinical documentation workflows and put patients first.

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