LS Networks and PocketiNet expand fiber in Waitsburg, bridging the digital divide

LS Networks has partnered with PocketiNet to expand its footprint in rural areas. The joint expansion is the first between two leading fiber network providers. The collaboration aims to invest in communities and empower the underserved, and Waitsburg is the first community to benefit from the shared vision.

Bridging the Digital Divide

The expansion allows Waitsburg residents to access high-speed internet with more capacity for on-demand upgrades, bridging the digital divide. The move is part of the duo’s mission to provide services to communities and bring reliable, high-quality connectivity to underprivileged communities.

Shared Vision of Empowering Communities

LS Networks’ CEO, Randy Brogle, said, “We recognize the need for high-speed internet in rural areas, and Waitsburg is the first of many communities to benefit from our partnership with PocketiNet. Last year, we came together with a shared vision to invest in communities and empower the underserved, and today we are taking our first step in fulfilling that vision.”

PocketiNet Founder and CEO, Todd Brandenburg, added, “This marks the first joint expansion between PocketiNet and LS Networks. Each organization shares similar values to provide high-quality services to the communities we serve. I look forward to continuing our mission to bridge the digital divide across the Pacific Northwest.”

Fast, Reliable Internet Now Available

Residents of Waitsburg can take advantage of the fast, reliable internet today by visiting

Through a collaborative effort with PocketiNet, the City of Waitsburg is excited to see high-speed fiber optic internet for citizens to utilize. I am optimistic for the quality of service this will offer to our local community.

Said Randy Hinchliffe, City Administrator of Waitsburg

The joint effort between LS Networks and PocketiNet provides an example of how collaboration, investment and a shared vision can lead to bridging the digital divide and providing access to high-speed, reliable internet to underserved communities.

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